Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A fresh start

New Year's Day: time when people all over the world start over again. It's a nice illusion, that the simple change of a numerical marker we use to count years is a chance to reboot our lives. But it's a helpful illusion. It's a great way to muster up the energy and commitment to make changes. And change has come to Go Knit In Your Hat.

In the past months, I've been working with a fabulous graphics designer to revamp my Black Bunny Fibers website. It's taken longer than I thought (ha) and been much more intense than I anticipated (ha) but we're finally finished. I have held off on blogging as much lately because it seemed a little silly to post more content to the old website when a new one was in the offing.

We're finally done. Introducing the new and vastly improved Black Bunny Fibers website. You'll find, in one place, information about my dyeing, writing, patterns, teaching and books. You'll also find a new incarnation of my blog. I'll leave up this Blogger-based blog in archived form for a while, but change your settings, please, to reflect the new URL for my blog. There's already a post up there telling a little more about the move.