Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday Miscellany

My kid started playing lacrosse this weekend. I wanted him to learn a really obscure sport, like curling (can you say college scholarship?), but lacrosse was as exotic as we could get. Imagine my horror and dismay when my husband came home from the sporting goods store with this:

As Tom says, complete protection for the as-yet-unused family jewels.

Jamaica Sweater

I'm hoping to update later with a photo of the Jamaica sweater, so if I finally, finally get to it (argh), I'll insert a photo here.

Black Bunny Fiber Update

Added a batch of wool top, a 100% merino fingering weight and a wool/nylon sock blend (good guy color) to the Etsy shop. Here's the wool/nylon sock yarn:

Even sweeter in person. More is in the pipeline. And thanks to those brave ones who've purchased and lent their support.


Sherry W said...

I'm sure your son is *thrilled* at his Dad showing off his new gear to the internet! :)

Carol said...

Actually, I don't let my 8 yr old on to the internet. An occasional Google search to answer a homework question. But I don't want him finding out how much I curse.

Franklin said...

You know, a slight modification to Joe's underpants pattern would allow you to knit him his next pair.

Karlie said...

Lacrosse isn't *that* obscure, and it's lots of fun! :) I played it at my high school and we had a total blast. And neither is curling obscure! Although, I'm not sure where you're from. Here in most of Canada, curling, if not Lacrosse, is quite popular and many people play it, with most high school children taking it in gym. I think the Tim Hortons Brier bonspiel is still going on right now.

Carol said...

Curling is still a little unusual in the States, at least in the Philadelphia area where we live. Lacross, not so much. I hope he likes it. Sports can be such amazing experiences for kids, especially boys. I still think of my field hockey days very fondly (although I wasn't a boy).

Sherry W said...

Carol, good call on the internet thing, but I think you should keep the photo for blackmail in his teenage years anyway. ;)

Shock Doctor is a great brand- I highly suggest the mouth gaurds they sell too. we use them in my karate club.

Anonymous said...

oh MAN!!! You just keep whipping up new things. I can't even keep up.

Unknown said...

You mean Merrick hasn't been around sniveling about the lack of knitting content?

She's on a roll--watch out.

Your dyed yarn is tres kewl. Wish I had the time to dye me some too.

Anonymous said...

There you go with that glamorous East Coast thing again--lacrosse-- snort.
We do midget go-karts here in Springpatch.

Anonymous said...

That's Really Nice Yarn--Exactly What I Need!!! If it's available, please email me!