Thursday, April 20, 2006

New post is coming, but for now, attention all teachers

I'm working on a new post but my poor husband, who's been drafting some kind of monstrous 60-page contract, has been hogging the computer at night. So my uninterrupted-by-kids time online has been minimal. Since I can't give you guys anything but high-quality, top-form Go Knit In Your Hat (was that a snort I just heard?), hang in there. Especially you, Evelyn. I'm trying to finish a post for tonight.

In the meantime, here's a strange yet sincere offer for any of you who are teachers or happen to be related to a teacher. My father, who is now retired, used to have a small business making educational filmstrips. He is liquidating the odds and ends that remain. If anybody wants free 35mm filmstrips, email me (link at right). They are very high quality and are mainly science, both grade school and junior high. If you send me $5 for shipping, I'll mail 'em out to you just because they're sitting around and someone might get some use out of them. My dad says that even though filmstrips are technologically very old-hat, kids enjoy the novelty of them and younger children, especially, like the fact that the pictures are not moving. It's easier for them to absorb the narration. Plus all the brown-nosers in your class will duke it out for the honor of advancing the frames. Beep.


Anonymous said...

If you don't get any takers, what about donating them to an organization like Materials for the Arts? (Or a similar organization in your neighborhoood.) MFTA counts teachers and artists among its members, and I'd bet that both would get some use out of those old strips.

the hanged man said...

Carol -

AV Geeks might be interested in the filmstrips, too. They collect and preserve old educational films and filmstrips.