Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Pre-TNNA Update

Let's look at my list of things to do before leaving for TNNA on Friday:

Pack novelty yarn poncho and froufrou scarf - check
Wash track suit with appliqued top and matching pants - check
Find bathing costume from the 20s that covers as much of me as possible for use in hotel jacuzzi - check
Trip to bank to secure $50 in singles for stuffing in Rick Mondragon's G-string at wildass Knit-N-Strip bash to follow convention fashion show - check
Pharmacy run for Advil and Chaser to remedy hangover that is sure to follow even one minute sip of alcohol-based drink - check
Watch "Fargo" to practice midwestern accent - check
Ponder why only clothes shopping choices are too young (e.g. muffin top/coin slot slut capris with skimpy camisole top) or too old (dowdy seersucker skirt with prim lace blouse) - check
Beg, borrow or steal antianxiety medication to supplement Atavan for plane flights - check
Pack pair of Depends in case I wet myself during patch of turbulence - check
Post on Knitlist to ask whether there are any good yarn shops in Indianapolis - check
Post on Knitlist to ask if you're allowed to bring knitting needles on airplane* - check

I guess I'm ready to go then. I will give you a full report on my return. By the way, just so you know, I am terrified of flying. Have been for years. Really rather anxious about that. Please don't put in the comments that statistically, flying is safer than driving. Tell that to Mohammed Atta.

*For my sweet, earnest readers (all two of you), I do know the current FAA policy for knitting needles. It's a joke, dears.


In the meantime, please note that I have started restocking Black Bunny and there's a new crop of laceweights up. Apparently the new Interweave Knits has a pattern for an Icarus something or other that people are using 100g of laceweight for; I've got several 100g skeins listed and a couple more on the way. Meanwhile, I'm shipping lucky Courtney of Flagstaff, Arizona her free skein of sock yarn today. I really hope you like it, Courtney! I managed to do a few more batches of superwash sock yarn today, which should be up early next week. Don't give up on me: more yarn's a comin'.

Why I love my mailman even more than usual

He brought me two wonderful packages. Some mohair/wool to spin from Mindy's goat Morpheous (who's adorable) and a lovely skein of Fleece Artist sock yarn (which is one of the few kinds of sock yarn I did not have in my copious stash but have been coveting for a while) from Lars, who blogs here. I met Lars in New York a few weekends ago and as soon as I finish my blog post about the NY trip, you'll hear more about him. (He's a love.) And Mindy's my number-one Black Bunny supporter... when I get myself together I'll post some photos of her handspun made with Black Bunny roving. It's gorgeous and I'm highly envious of her spinning abilities. (Not to mention her goat.)

A big Philly "Yo!" to

reader Diane, who introduced herself to me at Rosie's last Saturday. We had a great chat and I enjoyed meeting you! Thanks for delurking. And Diane is your living proof that if you introduce yourself to me and say you read my blog, you'll make my day AND you'll find out that I'm really very, very nice in person.


Dorothy Neville said...

I just read somewhere that flying is not safer than driving. they are about equally risky, once you weigh them for passenger miles or something like that.

I am with you on the terrified of flying thing. I have to keep visualizing all the planes that fly every day. So many airports, so many flights, nearly all of them uneventful. Thinking of my one little flight as just one of many ordinary flights sometimes sorta helps. good luck and enjoy your trip.

lkmanitou said...

Long term lurker, first time commenter. In Indianapolis, LYSs I'd really recommend are Stitches & Scones and Mass Avenue Knit Shop. Oh, and we don't sound like the Fargo actors in Indy :)

Carol said...

Scones? Doh boy! Thanks for the tip!

By the way, for all my midwestern friends, I'm really making fun of some of the fellow attendees rather than the fine city of Indianapolis or the midwest in general. Indeed, the maid of honor at my wedding hailed from Bloomington. (Because some of my best friends are... never mind.)

JJ said...

Carol, I read your blog every day - from California. I didn't realize TNNA was in Indianapolis this year since I remember it being in Columbus while I was in school there (never made it unfortunately).

A Rosie's shopper (when visiting family and friends in Philly) and loyal reader.

Wish I could send you a script for something, but I a) don't have a license in PA and b) work on things with 4 legs only. If you ever get your sheep (or goat or alpaca), give me a holler.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I can't wait to see what colors are coming. I'm sure I will love it!
Have fun at TNNA and I hope you are feeling better.

And just to chime in, I used to live in Indiana and I've been to Mass Ave Knit Shop. It is a huge store and they have quite a selection, but it is a mess in there so you have to be willing to dig a bit. Sometimes they have very good sales. Haven't been to any other shops in Indy.

Anonymous said...

Also, isn't Stitches and Scones pretty far away from downtown Indy? That would be quite a hike to go there.

Liz K. said...

Oh, yah, well, you have lots of fun at TNNA (in my best Jerry Lundegaard accent).

Another hilarious post from a phellow philly knitter.

Anonymous said...

The last few times I flew I was so happy to get over all the airport stress and sit down that I barely noticed most of the flight. Oh wait, my daughter was 1 and was there, too. Nevermind...

I hope your flight is very uneventful (Morph suggests wine- he thinks merlot should do the trick), and TNNA and the yarn crawl VERY eventful! Have fun and live it up for us.

(and yes, I'm eyeing that blue lace weight)

Mel said...

Flying's not so bad - so long as I get an aisle seat and there's no turbulence. I've been able to avoid Ativan so far, at any rate.

If it does get bad for you, you should try thinking of something distracting - like Rick Mondragon in a G-string. *shudder*

Anonymous said...

When I fly, I sit in an aisle seat and pretend I'm on a Greyhound bus. Of course there is sometimes a twit who says "look out the window" and I do, and the fantasy fails.
I find a whiskey sour works better than merlot.
Barb B.

Carol said...

After hearing about all those Greyhound buses that drive into berms on the Garden State parkway, upending fifty senior citizens and a perky tour guide, or the staggering number of drug busts that take place on them (search and seizure class is full of cases about searching luggage on Trailways buses), I'm not so sure that would work. You see, I don't like transportation in general. I live for the day when Scottie can beam me from one location to another in ten seconds.

rene said...

Seriously, me too. I mean, Star Trek has been aound as an example since the '60s. What have our fine scientists been doing all that time?

Have a great time! Sounds like you will be quite the fashion plate.

Sherry W said...

I have a cure but it may be worse then the cause. Take an exotic vacation to someplace like Japan, Bali or Australia. A 20 hour flight breaks you of the panic, I assure you.

Of course, to me I'm trapped in a tube with uninterupted time to knit. I'm all for that.

jillian said...

TNNA is in Indy?? I had no idea. I lived there for 7 years! You are cracking me up with your list! I didn't kniw when I lived there, so I can't recomend shops :( And I have to second lkmanitou that the accent there isn't as "north" as Fargo. You have to goa couple hundred miles up into Michigan. It's just kind of neutral.

Anonymous said...

I've Delurked, and I'm proud. :)

Carol is indeed very, very nice.

...and what would Dolores wear to TNNA?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I live in Incy and Stitches and Scones is actually in Westfield which is about 45 minutes north of the Indy convention center. Mass Ave Knit is, confusingly enough, not on Massachusettes Avenue but on Virginia Ave. which, while not in walking distace, is only about 5 minutes away. Ann and Kay from MasonDixon Knitting will be there on Saturday afternoon signing books too.

The best fun, non-chain local places to eat are up Massachusetts Ave which is NE of the convention center. I recommend McGilvery's (Scottish), Yats (Cajun/Creole) and the Chatterbox for good live jazz. A little to your south there is El Sol de Tala for Mexican food and the Slippery Noodle for blues. The Ram is a good brew pub just around the corner (lots better than Alcatraz)


Anonymous said...

I'm thirding (or forthing or fifthing) the recommendation for Mass Ave. It's had a revamp and a reorganization (I suspect) since Courtney's been there, and it's quite easy to navigate. There's also a large sale room.

Someone will probably try to seduce you into trying out the newest Indianapolis yarn store, "Knit Stop." I won't trash it publically, but I will suggest that you don't bother with it.

silverarrowknits said...

I hate flying as well. When I do fly, I like to bring my knitting, because it is something I can do no matter whether we are taking off, landing, or are in the air. I also like to buy fashion magazines (and other magazines with more pictures than words) and read them on the plane because the bumps and shaking aren't as noticeable. For example, when I read a book and there is a bump, I will notice because my line of sight will change, but it isn't as noticeable when I am looking at an Oscar dress.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol --

Hope you had fun at TNNA. I mailed out your Dye-o-Rama yarn today. Look for it soon!

Ms. Anon Dyer