Thursday, July 27, 2006

Happy boithday, Bugs!

Bunny-love has been a long-standing theme in my life. Join me in celebrating one of the greatest cartoon characters of all time, Bugs Bunny,

who celebrates his birthday today.

Thanks, Molly.


Anonymous said...

Here's a cake. Be careful of that candle on the top, hehehe.
So Carol, what's your favorite Bugs cartoon. I like the WWII era ones, and of course, the fabulous uncut version of Kill de Wabbit.

Carol said...

Oh my, so hard to choose. I love the one with Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf; the one with the red furry monster/Dr. Jekyll (because monsters are such interesting people); the very early one where he sings that silly song ("I am a loony, woo-woo, please pass the ketchup, woo-woo"); the ones with the turtle; and yes, "Kill de Wabbit!"

Anonymous said...

"rhapsody rabbit" is my all-time favorite. "who? franz liszt? never heard of him; wrong number!"

"now let's see, what can I do this guy next? oh no, it's too gruesome...but I'll do it!"

"of course you know this means war!"

"wabbit season...wabbit season...ELMER season"

of course, I could go on......

anne marie in philly

Anonymous said...

So many great ones....

"pronown problems?!"

"I'll do it...but I'll hate myself in the morning!"

"...the people they must see and the places they must go, my stars! now let's put our pattys in the water..."

"..oh, Grandma! What big eyes for you...ta have!..." "yeah, yeah, yeah big eyes...get outta' here, kid, ya' bother me!"

stop me now!

Nice tribute, Car!

Anonymous said...

A bit of obscure, fairly useless trivia, but I've often wondered...

Bugs would, indeed say "boithday"
(I might argue for "boitday", but that's not so important) because, I assume he hails from Brooklyn.
If Bugs were from New Orleans, he'd say that a very similar way.
More like "biteday", but so very akin.

Why is that?
These two locations would appear to be awsomely dissimilar, and yet they share an odd accent thing.

Did Acadians pass through the NY boroughs on their way to Louisiana and leave some folk behind (maybe they wanted to root for a losing baseball team?)?

I believe this is discussed in John Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces, but don't recall the explanation.

Anyone have ideas?

Patrick said...

"Carrots are divine - you get a dozen for a dime - it's MAGIC!!!"

Bugs in his Southern Belle drag, arms out blocking the door exclaiming "He's not in here! He's not in here!!"

I can remember buying my first Xavier Cugat CD (yes I have more than one) and the "Lady In Red" track comes on. Well, there I was laughing hysterically, dancing around my apartment singing "The Rabbit in red, ladeedeedeedum the Rabbit in red!" which is what Bugs is singing as he skips along to Grandmas house in the Red Riding Hood 'toon and finally getting the reference.

Bugs choking after having been tricked into eating a poisoned carrot by my favourite witch (my friend Sandy could laugh like her and I had it on my answering service for years) k, focus, anyways, and bugs making funny, exaggerated choking sounds and then stalling for time by adding 'Hold on doc, I got one more!" Oy. That character is so dear to my heart. Thanks for letting me share. Take care Carol. Hi Kathy.

Anonymous said...

Hita, Patrick! Where y'at ya been?

Anonymous said...

This is for my husband who introduced me to the joys of the lippy wabbit.."Happy Birthday Bugs" Jeff Cox