Friday, December 29, 2006

Did you get all seven?

Okay, these were the seven that I thought of, but you guys came up with several more that are just as good (or evil, depending on your perspective):

1. Adding [still more] cash to the coffers of the Disney juggernaut.
2. Fun fur trim.
3. Princessy, thereby encouraging further propagation of troublesome female stereotypes.
4. Overuse of Pepto-bismol pink.
5. Duplicate stitch. In embroidery floss, no less.
6. All that intarsia.
7. Knitted skirt = butt sag.

P.S. Happy birthday, Dr. J.!


Anonymous said...

I have been trying to think of even one thing that is right about it. Can't do it.

Trying to think of anything that could make it right. Merino with angora trim? Nope. Substitute Annie de Franco for Cinderella? Maybe, almost, but I doubt the youngster will go for it.

If it's any consolation, we fought and lost the Barbie wars over 20 years ago (though I never actually stooped to knit anything with Barbie on it); and yet the girl grew up to major in Social Welfare and Women's Studies, and now lectures me on gender politics.

Anonymous said...

I think some things can be taken *too* seriously. If my likes at that age where any indication, I would have grown up to be a beagle (Snoopy).

Anonymous said...

Carol, if I can find a pic of Mr.T I'll post it. Like a fool, I didn't save it, it got passed down, and over, and kept 6 or 7 boys happy. She did the gold in gold yarn...looked for weeks to find the right one. She even stopped a black guy on the street, explained what she was knitting, and asked if he minded her examining his lips so she got the colour right. (He nearly bust a gut laughing)

Barbara-kay....we have to talk! You have Dangermouse charted? The really truly one and only? Can we work a deal here? I will maybe be a Granny myself one of these days, and the only TV character the kid loved more than Mr. T. was DM, especially when he saved the world from the custard pudding. Can you imagine what a heroine I'd be? I'd even do intarsia for DM!
Barb B.

Anonymous said...

Carol, just pray her love of DP doesn't mutate into a love of Bratz, slutty dolls that look like the love child of Barbie and Marlon Brando as Dr. Moreau.
Barb, there is a newish book out called Hip Graphic Knits that goes into some detail about how to turn pics into charts. Or, if I'm not being too obvious, copy knitted graph paper onto a transparency and tape it over a picture of DM.

Franklin said...

I'm so terribly sorry, I cannot stop laughing at this. I should be all warm and sympathetic, but I'm not. I'm laughing laughing laughing ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Check in with me again when my sister's kid is old enough to ask for Disney shit and/or ponchos.

Thea said...

How about all the therapy the girl in yellow will need. Something related to wearing the Snow White outfit AND eating the apple... not right. nope, not at all. But yes, the fun fur is also very disturbing. I have two girls. neither will see this ad. Never.

Back to my vodka, ginger ale and apricot. Much more comforting.