Monday, January 01, 2007

The New Year's Knitting

New Year's resolutions? I tend not to do them. Maybe it's because I feel like mentally, I'm constantly resolving to do things all year through. But lately, I've found myself making mental notes about projects I want to tackle "someday." Instead of joining in with the "I'm going to knit from my stash" crowd, or even the "I'm going to finish x, y and z" crowd of January resolvers, I've decided to start a list of projects that I would like to tackle someday. With the hope that at least 1 or 2 of those "somedays" occur in 2007.

People I'd Like To Knit For This Year:

1. Tom. Yep, the old ball and chain. He's mentioned wanting a vest, and he's always amenable to socks, so I've got to figure out what he'd like to wear and I'd like to knit.

2. My friend Molly. One of my oldest and dearest friends, the kind of person who would totally appreciate something beautiful and handmade.

3. My friend John. Shouldn't you make a nice scarf or something for a friend you've had since first grade and love to pieces? Hell, yeah.

4. My mom. She asked for a vest for Christmas (not handmade) but I wasn't able to find what her mind's eye view was. So I ought to knit it. (She's a really sweet mom.)

5. The Judge's new grandson. Back when I was a lawyer, I clerked for a judge. She's wonderful and she just welcomed her first grandchild. This is one I need to put at the top of the list.

6. My friend Pat. One of the first friends I made when I moved to Philadelphia and certainly one of the most enduring friendships.

Projects I'd Like to Complete This Year:

1. Socks. In particular, socks that are knit according to a pattern, rather than ribbed or stockinette ones. I've got some great sock yarn and there are so many great patterns out there.

2. Simple shawl in handpainted yarn. Well, maybe I should be more specific and say "my handpainted yarn," although Koigu would also make me happy. There's a pattern in Getting Started Knitting which is calling to me; simple enough to not drive my overstressed brain crazy, but more interesting than stockinette. I'd even settle for another Landscape Shawl.

3. Something for me in Manos.

4. Wallaby. (Hey, maybe in Manos!)

5. Crocheted scarf in a beautiful yarn. Nothing fancy, just lovely yarn and simple crochet at a fine gauge. With help from Kathy....

6. Casual, wearable sweater for me. It's kind of embarassing that I don't knit more for myself. Let's set those body issues aside and knit something, for crying out loud. (Hey, maybe a Wallaby in Manos!)

7. Koigu sweater for me. See No. 6.

I'm trying not to drive myself crazy here: realistically speaking, the next six months of my knitting life are booked solid (get it? "booked"?) and to the extent I can catch a few rows here and there, they've got to be mindless stuff that I can pick up and put down effortlessly.

I'll check back periodically and see if I make any progress toward any of these projects. No stress, though. Like Jody just said, hobbies shouldn't stress you out.


Kim said...

I have a couple of sweaters in Manos - are they HOT! Literally HOT, not necessarly - WOW, that sweater looks HOT on can the fiber be so different from others that it results in hotness? (we watched You, Me, and Dupree)

'Hot' factors were gathered during an unscientific poll!

Anonymous said...

I very much like your idea of a list of people to knit for. Why not knit for those we love, even if they are not immediate family?


Leanne said...

Speaking of being "booked", are we going to get more details soon? Huh? Pretty please?

mindy said...

Wallaby? That wouldn't be the Wonderful Wallaby that's been around forever and ever, that I've had forever and ever and still haven't gotten around to knitting?

Anonymous said...

Oh, henny, I am always quite ready to help you.
I like simple crocheted scarves of beautiful yarns.
Dis-moi, chere.

Anonymous said...

Resolutions just set you up for failure, that's what I've found. I know what you mean about not having knitted objects of your own. I spend so much time knitting, yet when I go to get dressed, there's no favorite cardigan to put on! That's on my list for this year. Maybe in Manos!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the "knit for me" thing. And on no resolutions. They always turn fun into work for me.

A shawl for yourself in your painted yarn...yes.
Barb B.

Anonymous said...

Very soon I will have visual proof that your hand dyed looks lovely in a simply knit shawl. I'm doing the Forest Canopy shawl, which is a very easy pattern.
TheChannukahClaus left me a note telling me to check the mail every day for blocking photos on the hopalong blog soon ;-)

Carol said...

Great idea! I did 2 projects (both scarves) last year for friends and boy do they make you feel good. They appreciate even the simplist pattern that you can pick up here & there. BTW- The zip front cardi in Last Minute Knitted Gifts is in Manos.... Or you could substitute it for the Peace Fleece in Accordion from Knitty...

Anonymous said...

If I were going to make myself something in Manos, it would definitely be one of the Manos Throws (Vineyard Throw is my favorite)...oh wait...I already did one of those for myself...and I'm very glad about it.

Like Kniterella mentioned, the Manos as a sweater can be hot, but that warmth makes a perfectly wonderful and beautiful throw.

If you need any help preparing knitted materials, you know all you have to do is ask. Heck I've told finger-festering, wannabe authors that I would knit for them...I would certainly do it for you.

Carol said...

Isn't a hobby that causes stress called "work"? Really, why do we have to be on a timetable? it is nice to get in things we want, take away "deadlines" and it all gets done;)

JulieFrick said...

I want to see that Wallaby! Feel free to join our Flickr group- Wallabies all in '07!