Monday, May 21, 2007

Quick rabbity entry today

If you absolutely, positively cannot wait until my next Etsy update, which will be Thursday or Friday of this week (lots of sock yarn), you could try Rabbitch, who has opened her own shop here. She's not as good a dyer as me, but at least she realizes that. Plus she has fridge magnets.

In the meantime, I leave you with a plethora of disapproving rabbits. (Thanks, Lee Ann!)

And since both Rabbitch and Lee Ann are Canadian, I suppose I should wish my Canadian readers a happy Victoria day. Whatever the hell that is.


Anonymous said...

It's the celebration of Queen Victoria's Birthday. We use it as an excuse to have a statutory holiday, make the first trip to the beach, do some early planting in gardens, travel to cottage country to open cottages that were all closed up over winter. Etc.

All in all, it's turning out to be a very nice day.

Anonymous said...

Ted beat me to it but I was going to say it was a vestige of colonialism. Same thing, really. And the weather is great if a bit cold.

mindy said...

Since I've been to that "disapproving rabbits" site, I've been watching my bunnies for signs of disapproval.

You can never have too many fridge magnets, and those are darn cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh, despite the fact that hater me was so harsh about Charcoal's creepy watchful eye, I just adore the Disapproving Rabbit site.
It's so simple and so very funny.
Just a hilarious idea.

PS: I believe I saw Jove there.

Rabbitch said...

Thank you, dear heart, and I only pray that one day I'm as good as you are. Or, you know, that we meet in person so I can bop you in the nose for that comment *g*

Anonymous said...

To add to Ted's comment:
originally, this holiday was on the 24th of May no matter what day of the week it was. Then it was changed to the Monday. However, it is still known as the 24th holiday. In a lot of parts of Canada, beer is available in cases of 24, known as two fours. As someone, likely famous, said "A coincidence? I think not!"

Anonymous said...

"The twenty-fourth of May is the Queen's birthday
If we don't get a holiday, we'll all run away."
Imagine my surprise, as a good Canadian prairie anglophile, when I went to live in the UK and found out no one knew what I was talking about. (They may have a May "bank holiday" = long - weekend, but they don't hook it up to a dead queen. Just another illustration of how the mother country moves on and the ex-colonies often stay stuck.

Anonymous said...


As well as "only" having a May long weekend in the UK - instead of celebrating it on Queen Victoria's birthday - I was shocked to discover they did not celebrate a November 11th holiday on the ACTUAL day. Instead they have the holiday on the nearest weekend.
To my mind, that is disrespectful.

janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca

Anonymous said...

Hi Home Girl!
Isnt a propos to latest posting, but was up in New Paltz touring 17th century homes. Came across knitting bowl, containing yarn and susan bates needles. 10 rows of stockingette.. 2 mistakes which I offered to fix. "Itll only take a second..." Only you can imagine what the tour guides face looked like. He wasnt amused.
Love to you
Home Boy E