Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Back to fiber

Suddenly I have diarrhea of the mouth. Well, enjoy my frequent posting while it lasts, eh? Back to fiber-y pursuits today. This is my new sweater project.

Doesn't look that exciting yet, but that's okay; it's early days. It's the skater sweater from Véronik Avery's book; I'm going to make the undersweater only, shown here.

I snagged some Wool Bam Boo on sale in a charcoal-gray color called "Flint." I love that this sweater is knit in the round (from the bottom up). I'm very much enjoying both the yarn and the pattern.

I've also been getting ready for a Black Bunny update on Friday. I've got a new, limited edition sock yarn: this is a Corriedale blend from Wild Geese Fibres, 50% corriedale, 20% alpaca, 30% lincoln wool, and around 7 sts to the inch (maybe 6.5?).

Each skein is 200 yds., so I'm going to sell in batches of two. I've got 10 pairs' worth. About half of them will go up this update; the rest the one after that. I've also got some rovings and some wool/nylon sock yarn and a few large skeins of laceweight (2400 yds). Update goes live Friday around 1 p.m. EST.

I also need to do a quick shout out to Sheri at The Loopy Ewe. I had a yarn emergency last week -- yes, even someone who has as much fiber around the house as me sometimes has a yarn emergency -- and Sheri came through in the clutch with an overnight shipment. (Chill, Philadelphians; it was a yarn that Rosie's doesn't carry.) I can't say exactly what it's for, though, as it's a new project I'm working on for Interweave Press. Thanks, Sheri!


mindy said...

Pretty update preview. And large skeins of laceweight- bestill my heart...

Sherry W said...

Sheri is awesome!

Bridget said...

So ... is Sheri now also your BFF? Or do you only have room for Veronik?

Since you can't tell us about the Interweave project, be sure to at least give us progress reports on the sweater ...

Unknown said...

The color of your new sweater looks very rich. Perfect for a classic like Véronik's design.

I also remember a time when Rosie's was able to fulfill a yarn emergency for me...they even had the same dye lot.

Do they miss having you work there?

Anonymous said...

Joe, how could anyone not miss lively pretty svelte Carol?

Nice to see you making that Veronik sweater.
It's very cunning, like all her stuff.
Looks cozy as well.