Friday, October 03, 2008

An important public service reminder

The deadline for voter registration is rapidly approaching. So please, PLEASE, if you are concerned about the direction our country is taking, and you think we need some changes starting from the White House down, and you are sick of having an inarticulate numbskull in the Oval Office, please make sure you are registered to vote and please apply for an absentee ballot if you need one.

You can check a national voter registration database, and get information about registering to vote and getting absentee ballots for your specific state by going here or here. For example, if you live in Pennsylvania, like I do, you've got to register no later than Monday, October 6th -- which is this coming Monday.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for voting! I completely agree.

Carol said...

I haven't missed an election since I was 18!

Anonymous said...

Wait... I have to register? Shit.