Tuesday, August 24, 2010

IBOL 2: Clean out your stash for a good cause

I posted last year about a wonderful project begun by a single soldier serving in Iraq. It was called "Iraqi Bundles of Love" and involved the collection of bundles of sewing fabric and other supplies. The soldier distributed them to individuals in Iraq -- women who very much needed the items to clothe themselves and their families. The project took off through the magic of teh Internet and over 3000 bundles (each the size of a large Priority Mail box) were delivered.

Well, it's time for IBOL 2: the sequel. The IBOL founder has found a volunteer in northern Iraq to coordinate distribution of another wave of bundles, this time including KNITTING supplies as well as sewing, and so I am giving you the heads-up in case you, like me, have odds and ends of yarn laying around that you wouldn't miss if you were to send them to IBOL 2.

Here's the link to the IBOL blog, with full instructions on how to participate. Basically you get a large Priority Mail box (free at your local post office -- forgive me, non-Americans, this one is targeted at my American readers, since it was our intellectually-challenged Dubya who got us into this fiasco that is the Iraq War) and place a piece of fabric in the box. Fill the box with crafting supplies: fabric, thread, knitting needles, yarn, sewing needles, buttons, anything you can think of that someone who has never seen a Jo-Ann Fabric or a LYS might find useful. Then you tie up the bundle and mail it off. More extensive instructions are at the link above.

I had a tremendous amount of fun filling up a few boxes last time around. There are always leftover balls or even partial balls of yarn from projects; I realized that now that I have fabulous Addi clicks I don't need a zillion straight needles laying around and threw some of them in; and I was able to pass on fabric and thread from old Halloween costumes and the like.

So if you're in the mood to help, and you've got some extra stash lying around, for the ten bucks or so it takes to mail a box, you can help someone on the other side of the world. Maybe it will help remind all of us that people are people, and our similarities are greater than our differences.


Elizabeth D said...

Thanks, Carol -- I did this last year, and was glad to be doing something to make life a little better in a bad place. Going off to see what I have that would be useful -- wow, if all of us just packed one box. . .

sharmylae said...

this is amazing! i'm not exactly one who can donate, but i'm totally in love with the cause, and will be passing the information on to others who i think can help.

it really makes me happy to know that soldiers are not these statues they're made out to be--they are just like regular people. and some of them are particularly genius!

good luck stash-diving!

Anne said...

Thank you! Thank you for letting us know about IBOL and for writing such a great blog.

anne marie in philly said...

WHOA - I did not know about this! thanks, dear; smooches!

(goes off to find stuff)

IBOL Guy said...

Thanks for the shout-out. There are about 4000 new messages in my in box!