Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Josephine Socks

Now available for download: the Josephine Sock pattern.

Knit in BBF CashSoft sock yarn, they would work just as well in any of the fingering-weight BBF yarns (like Superwash Merino Classic, Tight Twist, Plump, Bamberino and so on).

They feature a lace panel set off by vertical lines of textured stitches. To get the maximum impact from the pattern, best to pick a muted multicolor or semi-solid handpaint, or a solid yarn (plenty of which are in stock at the BBF store!).

The model was an absolute joy to work with; I won't identify her unless she wants to "out" herself in the comments. But allow me to say that the camera LOVED her. All the way from her pretty face (which alas you cannot see here) to her beautiful toes.

You can purchase the pattern from my Ravelry shop or via Patternfish; hard copies available soon at the BBF on-line shop.


willyg said...

Oh! Oh, that I had toes,
Toes as lovely,
Lovely as those
Enclosed within such lovely frame
Of purple lace and comely name!

Anonymous said...

Very nice socks! (and worn just perfectly)

Suburban Hausfrau said...

Squee! Thems my tootsies!

Anonymous said...

Those are lovely!

dianecus said...

Ooh. So pretty!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty lady!
xo AEK

Heidi said...

Wicked pretty Carol. So lovely!!!