Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Experiencing technical difficulties

Not really. Just a whole bunch of deadlines and some personal-life stress. We'll make it over the bumps but please be patient: blog posts will be scarce for the rest of this month.

Unfortunately, I will be postponing my trip to WEBS that was planned for this weekend. Believe me when I say that I am really upset to miss the event, and to miss Kathy & Karen and the WEBS gang, but Tom promised that we can reschedule and he'll bring the kids and make it a family outing.

Meanwhile, if you're so inclined, send some good mojo or prayers or warm thoughts to our favorite goatherder, a.k.a. Goat Boy, who's got some health issues.


Unknown said...

Good mojo on the way for you both!

Z said...

I prayed for you. Things will get better.

I'm sure next month will be alot better.