Friday, September 14, 2007

When good things happen to nice people.

I have a lovely friend who I have known over fifteen years. The last decade and a half have been eventful for both of us, but we've stayed good friends throughout it all, and whenever we get together, we thoroughly enjoy each other's company. She married an absolutely wonderful guy and the four of us get along together, too -- which, when you're married, is always a good thing, because it kind of sucks when one person's spouse hates the other person. (You know, the way that Bridget's husband hates me?)

Because her employer was bought out by a bigger company in the same field, she recently ended up with no job. (Or as the delightful Brits put it, she was "made redundant.") Due to some savvy stock options, though, she had the luxury of being able to look for a job at her leisure. In fact, she spent a good part of the spring supervising the installation of the most beautiful, ginormous swimming pool (with jacuzzi, natch) I've ever seen.

Here is N., overlooking the splendor. (Yes, that is a cabana with outdoor kitchen at the other end.) And believe me when I say that there is nobody in the world who deserves this good fortune more than my friend. She is an extremely special person: kind, warm, thoughtful, generous, funny, fun...I could go on but the snarkier among you are already about to retch so I won't.

We spent last Sunday around the pool, catching up, watching the kids swim, lolling in the jacuzzi, trading gossip and laughing.

And trying to make friends with Kitty McMeowypants here.

There isn't a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


mindy said...

What a face that cat is making!

And what a gorgeous place- a whole resort right in her backyard. (now, how about cute cabana boys to serve the drinks?)

Anonymous said...

wow! the good life...

lerve the cat pix, though.

have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

The kitty looks like he's retching at all your flattery of his owner :-)

Carol said...

She was just finishing up a yawn but the picture came out so funny: "Arrgh, mateys, it's time ye walk the plank!"

Anonymous said...

I love it when good things happen to nice people. It helps me feel better about the world. Plus, I just plain like it.

Big Alice said...

That cat looks like she's about to take off someone's head.
Sounds like it was fabulous afternoon. It's good to hear good news about great people, it makes me think that luck and fate isn't all on the side of the bastards.

Unknown said...

Categorizing people is one of my favorite things to do, and one of the ways I categorize folks is whether they are envious or glad for friends' successes.

I've always loved that you are one of the "gladdies" when it comes to your friends.

Now, if you could just be glad about me winning the PowerBall, I'd have it all made. :)

Carol said...

Oh, Joe, you know I am glad for you: you live with a cute cat AND a Polish god. What could make me gladder?

Carol said...

Is that (Bridget) Bridget's pool? Without sounding all Suessy & stuff, how cool is that pool?!

Carol said...

Naw, Bridget wishes she had a pool this nice. Besides, she wouldn't invite me to swim in a pool if she had one -- her husband hates me.

Bridget said...

Now, Carol, don't go thinking he hates you ... he hasn't met you yet!

However, I pointed out this post to him and the following conversation ensued:

Me: What do you think?
Husband: Have I met Carol?
Me: No, she's being funny.
Husband: But I don't even know her.
Me: Once again, she's being funny.
Husband: Did you tell her I hated her?
Me: (giving up) Yes.

Thanks a lot ...