Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Off the beaten beach

While we are seeing lovely vistas like this:

we are also seeing odder vistas, like this:

(alpaca relieving himself).

Today I present some of the less typically-beachy things I've photographed:

Birdy condo.

Top of the lighthouse.

Tom reports that there are no South Korean comfort ladies inside, thankfully.

Chocolate: my favorite.

Is it a taxi? or a police car?

Note the boo-boo face.

Disembodied head wearing sunhat.


Mel said...

Um, what's odd about alpacas relieving themselves?

Anonymous said...

Ok, now I am so ready to go to the beach! Love the bird condos. And alpacas! Was the ocean that calm, or are you in a bay type of area?

Anonymous said...

We have birdie condos like that here: they're Martin houses. People try to attract the Martins because they are voracious eaters of mosquitoes.

Be glad there was one! See the birds on the top? Hope they ate all the skeeters!

Anonymous said...

uh, did the kids bury you?

or is that NOT you under all that sand?

interesting slices of life...

Carol said...

Well, it's not something I usually see on a beach vacation, Mel... but you're right, it's all the eye of the beholder.

A-M, that is definitely not me in the sand. Nope, I sat there knitting away, reading a People magazine, watching dolphins. Yep -- dolphins! You could see them right off the shore.

Anonymous said...

Ah. Cape May. Enjoy.

Saren Johnson said...

Wow, what a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing.