Saturday, November 13, 2010

10 Reasons why you should stop by Loop this weekend

10. Lots and lots of Black Bunny Fibers yarn to fondle and purchase: my whole inventory, in fact!

9. "Yarn Substitution Made Easy" -- take a class with me (there are still spots left).

8. Loop's fabulous selection of yarns, including Koigu, Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter and so much more.

7. Meet Franklin Habit from 2 to 5 today!

6. Take a class with Franklin -- lace and photographing your fiber.

5. See the new BBF scarf kit and buy one in time to knit a holiday gift!

4. Pick up a copy of Franklin's new 2011 calendar with some of his incredible cartoons.

3. Get your copies of "It Itches," "Knit So Fine" or "Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn" signed (or buy copies if you live under a rock and haven't seen them yet, then get them signed).

2. See the 2 new base yarns I've dyed up: one laceweight and one sockweight. Or check out some of my introductory worsted weight offerings.



Mel said...

I don't get to be there, so thphthphbt! :-P

madforknit said...

Wish I could have made the trip to Philly. Have a great time! Carol (madforknit - I've had to change my login)

Anonymous said...

Just checking in to say belated happy blogiversary and anniversary. I picked up the VK holiday issue in my local library today & just wanted to say again what a contribution your technical articles are - they really pull things together. Thanks, too, for your review of the Rowan Studio book.
- Beth in Toronto

Rooie said...

Wait a doggone minute! I didn't get to meet Dolores!! Though actually she scares me a little...I'd rather meet Harry.

It was such a thrill to meet you and Franklin...and to ogle the entire Black Bunny inventory...I am already regretting a couple of skeins I mooned over and left behind.

And darn, I was going to mention to Franklin that we had Chicago in common and that I wince every time he mentions the weather there. I love the city, but, man, it gets cold!

Anonymous said...

Terrific class Carol...Franklin too - learned a lot and had tons of fun! Who's the ugly chic wearing the scarf?!! ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the terrific classes Carol and Franklin! Learned lots and had a ton of fun. Who's the ugly chic wearing the scarf??!! ha ha ha ha - Sally is so photogenic it makes me sick!