Sunday, July 10, 2011

A pre-vacation story

Last Wednesday, Little Miss decided she wanted to start packing for the beach. "Where's my yellow suitcase?" she asked. She looked for it (for about four seconds) and then began asking every minute or so. "WHERE'S my yellow suitcase?" "I can't find my yellow bag!" "MOMMY, help me find my yellow bag!"

We told her in no uncertain terms that we were not going to pack until the night before or morning of (because we had so much laundry to do -- ha!) and she needed to knock it off.

Friday morning, 8 a.m. "Mom, did you find my yellow suitcase yet?" And like a parrot with Tourette's, she asked over and over and over and over again. By the fifth time, I threatened to put my foot up her ass if she didn't knock it off sternly instructed her not to say anything about her yellow suitcase until further notice.

Exactly twenty minutes later: "Mommy, do you know where my YOU-KNOW-WHAT is?

In case I didn't know what she meant, she helpfully noted: "By the way, it's YELLOW."

If she weren't so goshdarn cute, I don't know what I'd do.

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JelliDonut said...

It's probably a good thing they don't know how that cuteness keeps our feet from places they don't belong. But she is awfully adorable!

subliminalrabbit said...

hee hee!

that's an adorable photo!

anne marie in philly said...

well, did she find it? don't keep us in suspense!

and yes, she is so pretty!

Bridget said...

She is looking so grown up in that picture! What a pretty kid. It's really a shame the way you treat her.

SparkCrafted said...

This photo. It keeeeels me a little. Don't tell her, but she's so freakin' adorable here, I'd give her all the yellow suitcases in the world.

Jenn said...

I've taught my little one the fun of lists. So now she writes out the list months in advance. Of course the day we need to pack, neither the suitcase nor the list can be found. But it helps mitigate the annoyances. I LOVE "parrot with Tourette's" - it is the best analogy I've heard to date.

Z said...

She's a cutie pie!

She's going to be a knock-out when she get's older. Be glad this is the only thing she's bothering you about, cuz in those teen years, at least that's what I hear....their demands can be even worse.