Friday, May 18, 2012

Springing ahead

I know that technically, the first day of spring in these parts falls in March, but for me, May is when spring really seems to begin. Our neighborhood is full of gorgeous blooming flowers:  we've got yer clematis, we've got yer snowball viburnum, we've got yer lilacs....Right now we've even got a few roses about to bloom.

Spring's a good time for freshening things up, and in the next couple of weeks/months you may notice some style changes here at the blog and the BBF website. I'm giving my web presence a badly-needed update.  With the help of a wonderful graphic designer, I'll be playing around with the look of the blog, as part of a bigger effort to create a more professional and integrated website.  When it's all done, you'll find a single website that includes the blog, my on-line shop, and information about my other knitting-related endeavors (like teaching and booksigning dates, a gallery of finished patterns, and so on). I'm hoping to have the new website in place by the time Sock Yarn Studio is released this fall.

Things should stay relatively quiet here until later in June. Sock Yarn Studio is being printed or sent to the printer or on a slow boat back from the printer or on a slow boat to the printer; regardless, there's not much to do now until the book is finished and here later this year. In the meantime, spring means lots of school events, recitals, and concerts. It's also the time of year when I tend to pick up some design projects that will come out later on in the year, so there's lots and lots of knitting going on, too.

And when I need a break from knitting, there's always the fabric.....

 like these triangles, made using the excellent tutorial found on one of my favorite quilting blogs, Film in the Fridge, with Flea Market Fancy fabric from my favorite fabric shop, Spool.

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Barb B. said...

You and your stinkin' roses! Mine have little wee tiny leaves which means they survived the winter. They should be blooming in another month.
Looking forward to the BOOK!