Saturday, December 24, 2005

To all my readers

Wishing you non-tinkled-on toilet seats and other good things of the season.

Merry Whatever!


Unknown said...

Jeez, you're not even going to tell your readers that your fine toidy cover was the very first winner of the Christmas Crap-along?

Is this not a treasure? I think we all need the pattern. For free.

Anonymous said...

hi, carol and marilyn-
i was just over at kc, admiring the xmas crapalong winners, and pining for last years winner--be careful what you ask for, i guess.
i came over here, and my wish came true.
happy holidaze to you both!

Grace Garton said...

wish I had known about the xmas crap-along!, maybe next year, that is so funny!

Carol said...

Well, shucks, Marilyn, I didn't want folks to think I was bragging. And on Christmas and everything.

Although winning the first annual crap-along will always be one of my finest knitting moments.