Monday, July 10, 2006

Taking a bite of the big apple

On a sunny Saturday in May, I met with a group of knitting friends -- all of whom I'd met through blogs, either theirs or mine -- in New York. Marilyn and Lars have already blogged about our trip admirably, so I decided to give you a photo gallery. I left my nice camera at home, convinced that I'd smash it against a display of pineapple ramie at Habu and break it, and took instead a crappy little disposable camera. Geez, did my nice camera spoil me: now I know why they are disposable. But here you go.

I started out on the train, disembarking at Penn Station. Whilst visiting the ladies' room, I caught sight of a striking cardigan crocheted out of multiple colors of teeny-tiny skinny yarn. Surely it was... Kathy!

[Please forgive the poor photographic skills. Alas, I am no Franklin.]

We joined forces and proceeded to Habu. Outside, we found Marilyn and her granddaughter Liz. Liz is way cool and someday will be a tattoo artist. She was extremely good-natured in putting up with us and an overall good sport. This is Liz, looking fetching in a hat at the 9th Avenue street fair:

Next we discovered Lisa and her mother.

What's that, you say? You can't tell which one is Lisa and which one is her mother? It's true: Lisa's mother is extremely, almost infuriatingly young-looking. Little-known fact: she's also a former model. [If you click on the link, scroll down. She's not that young-looking.]

On to Habu, my first time there. Of course, I'm no mere slip of a thing, so I felt like a huge mamoo in there and every time I turned around, I nearly knocked over some precarious display of yarn or handwoven screen, but I triumphed over my American-ness. You could spend all day in Habu, just looking through the skeins of yarn artfully arranged in hanks, feeling them, exploring the unique fibers (pineapple ramie? stainless steel/wool blend?), mixing and matching colors.

We then moved on to Schoolhouse Products, which was an experience of a totally different nature. Lots of commercial yarns, but also some odd lots and coned yarns. Why, here's an odd lot:

I like Lars better nekkid surrounded by yarn in his tub (you'll have to go to his blog for that), but he's awfully attractive here, too.

Lunch was at a delicious Thai place. I got to meet world-famous author and hottie Norah Vincent. Which will prove more conclusively that I met her, the photo of my big old moon face next to her?

or the photo of her holding her book while giving me the finger?

You decide. (Is it me, or does Norah have the longest middle finger in the world? Probably the result of overuse.) Then we were off to the Japanese bookstore, where we encountered a rather disturbing collection of images in various art books -- and I got a Hello Kitty alphabet book for Grace ("Y is for yoga instructor") and a cool men's knitting book for myself. A final stop for coffee and gossip, and the partial meeting of the Wolverinas was adjourned.

Coming soon: More on fit, ribbing, and whatever else comes to me.


the hanged man said...

Next time you are in New York, PLEASE let me know (the all caps don't seem too desparate, do they?). I promise not to embarrass you in front of your knitting friends and would love to see you even for a short while.

God, this email reads like it was written by a stalker instead of an old friend...

Carol said...

Don't be silly, John! A stalker would have said "How did you like that blueberry scone you had at the Fifth Ave Barnes & Noble at 4:15?"

I promise.

Christina said...

Gah, Norah Vincent! I love her! And Kathy's sweater!! Do you know if there is a pattern?

Anonymous said...

I saw the Habu booth at Convergence in Grand Rapids the other week. As I fingered the goods, I remembered that ya'll had been there from Marilyn's post. Very strange de ja vu of the virtual kind. Great blog, keep it up.


Anonymous said...

like you, I liked lars' yarn porn pix. too bad he bats for the other team.

it's a shame queerjoe couldn't join all y'all - the NYPD would have been on full alert for wolverina wackiness!

always enjoy your blog; how is charcoal doing?

anne marie in philly

Anonymous said...

Just a little nit-picky note: it's School Products, not Schoolhouse.

Carol said...

Oh, Anonymous, don't be chickenshit. You can leave your name. You're right - it is. I think I was remembering the email I got from them recently with the itty bitty one-room schoolhouse on it.

Wolvies, didn't we pop somebody's Koigu cherry at School Products? (certainly not Kathy's...)

doloreshaze said...

Perhaps we took LArs' SP virginity? My mom and I had both been there before, and certainly Mar had. Horrified by the photo of me (as usual) and of the one of that hideous floppy sweater I knitted on spec years ago, though the pictures of the wife are delightful(also as usual). Damn her photogenic ass!

Anonymous said...

Who is that hideous moon-faced creature in the tacky loud sweater?'s me.

I think we pretty much all hate your gorgeous wife and your gorgeous mother, Dolores.

Anonymous said...

Kathy - that "tacky loud sweater" as you put it is gorgeous! Any chance you can send Carol a clearer pic so we can ooh and aah over it?
-- Mindy

Anonymous said...

You bought "a cool men's knitting book"?

Such things exist?

doloreshaze said...

the wife's reply to the long middle finger remark: "I've never had any complaints from the ladies". And there you have it.

OK, so my wife and my mother are gorgeous--what am I, a pile of steaming dogshit?