Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Various and sundry

Much to my delight, the Black Bunny Hopalong is in full swing. Visit the official Hopalong blog and post about your project (even if you haven't cast on yet - part of the fun is watching things develop) and add yourself to our Frappr map. (If the map doesn't work, please let me know -- I had to fiddle around to get it to load and I've never done it before.)

I just finished dyeing 2 skeins for myself to play with:

Details on the Hopalong blog -- as soon as I get my stir-crazy kids aired out somehow.

A huge shout-out to Wendy and Christina, for thinking up the idea and doing so much to get the project going. I really appreciate it. If you are looking for a podcast to listen to, check out Knitty D and the City. Occasionally you may even hear the dulcet tones of my heinous Philly accent on there.

Excellent New Pattern Source

My pal Courtney, who is a Rosie's staff member and extremely talented knitter, crocheter and designer, just began her own line of patterns, called Smith Island Pattern Factory. You can visit her blog and purchase the patterns there; they're also available from Rosie's. Her adorable pattern for a vintage-styled baby jacket knit in Koigu, called "Beatrix,"

is flying out the door at Rosie's (along with our new shipment of Koigu....) and I've already purchased a great men's sock pattern that I might knit up with some BBF yarn. I wish I was one of those people who only needed to sleep three hours a night. There's so much I want to do and not nearly enough hours in the day.

Excellent New Yarn Source

Loyal reader Barb Brown, who is also a regular at Joe and Marilyn's blogs, has begun her own enterprise, called Wild Geese Fibres. Barb is another amazing knitter, and she is offering some unusual breed fibers in various weights. I've seen some samples and they are lovely.

Louet Spinning Wheel for Sale

And last in the category of shameless commerce, my friend Mary is looking to sell her used but in excellent condition spinning wheel. Sadly, I have lost both the Post-It note on which she wrote what kind of wheel it is (although I believe it's a Louet) and the JPEG she sent me of it. However, she takes excellent care of her wheels (she has several; hence the need to divest herself of one) and is a kick-ass spinner and knitter. She lives in the Philly area. If you would like more info, please email her at MtheSpinnerATverizonDOTnet.


jillian said...

Thanks for the tips!

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Well, you got me. Because this will be my first KAL. I was just signing up (and trying to expand my geekness by learning how to add a button to my sidebar once and for all) when you wrote this post.

I finished the vintage lace socks in the yarn you custom dyed for me on Sunday (I have to kitchener the toe this morning), and I'm getting ready to start in on one very special pair of yoga shorts (with built in stump cozy..teehee)this week.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, sure, you have to have some blue Wensledale roving in your etsy shop. So now, with it on the way, I'll have to join your hopalong. (I loved Hoooopalong Caaaasidy on the radio when I was a kid)
Thanks for the plug on the website.

On the Smith Island Pattern Factory, I tried looking for the sock pattern, and couldn't see it. Any tips for a luddite like me?
Barb B.

Carol said...

Okay,Courtney tells me that the sock pattern isn't on her blog yet but is available thru Rosie's. If you email rosieATrosiesyarncellarDOTcom and put in the re: line that you want to order the pattern, you can do so. I'll try to scan the cover of it so you can see what it's like.