Friday, August 04, 2006

We Have a Winner!

Faithful reader and loyal customer Mindy S. is the 200th Black Bunny customer. Congrats, Mindy! And thanks to all of you, for allowing me to hit the 200 mark so quickly. Just in time: Black Bunny T-shirts and totes at Cafe Press. Next time you see me at Rhinebeck, I'll be wearing one of these. (Special thanks to Franklin for ping-ing me the graphics.)

If you're looking for a good buy on some Rowan Yorkshire yarn, check out Rosie's Ebay listings under the seller name "yarncellar." Now that Rowan's discontinued the entire Yorkshire Tweed line, Rosie's is auctioning off the remaining inventory in various lots -- aran, DK, 4-ply and chunky. Some are sweater quantity; others are mixed lots great for colorwork.

Sorry for the short entry: the dyepot is a-calling, and I'm trying to finish a baby sweater for my friend's new daughter. Note to self: do not select inelastic silk/cotton yarn while experiencing joint pain.


Anonymous said...

Thanks!! Congrats back to you for 200- this time next year it'll seem like such a tiny number... Way to go on the Cafe Press shop, too. That will be retail-therapy for my post-vacation blues.
Finish that sweater- the heatwave is supposed to break and you can pull out some nice, soft, springy wool.

gabriella said...

congrats, carol! those of us who've had the priviledge of working with your hand-dyed will definitely keep coming back...