Monday, September 18, 2006

Tell it to the hand

Sometimes I wonder if I've crossed that invisible line between hobby and madness. To wit,

the faux Depression Glass hand. I scored it on Ebay for about $5, figuring it'd be swell to display mittens or gloves at the shop. Does anyone remember the "Odd Couple" episode where Felix tries to redecorate the apartment? He comes home with black leather chairs shaped like hands that look very much like this objet d'crap. T.'s reaction was to repeatedly ask me "You are taking that into the shop the next time you go, aren't you?"

And just in case you wondered, it displays gloves, mittens and gauntlets quite nicely, thank you.


The Hop-along is going full force, and I'm gratified and excited to see all the wonderful things that people are making with Black Bunny yarns and roving. For those who haven't checked out the Bunny Hop website, this

is my Hop-along project, a cabled vest for N. in superwash DK (available only thru Rosie's). It's a great yarn, with a nice tight twist, showing stitch definition well. It is quite yummy to knit with. I'm a sucker for a yarn with good crisp stitch definition.

Post-surgical Report

G. is feeling better and better; her eyes continue to look a little bloodshot but she is pretty much back to her normal self. She was quite a little trooper and I'm sure if I had eye surgery on Friday, I'd still be laying in bed expecting people to bring me ice cream while I pressed cool compresses to my clammy forehead.

G. got a very lovely package in the mail Saturday from reader and knitter extraordinaire Mindy, who sent these

adorable socks (knit in Black Bunny yarn!!) for G. They are a perfect fit. Included in the package was chocolate for Mommy (which also was a perfect fit.)

G. feels so well, in fact, that she is accompanying brother N. to the first day of nursery school.

Have A Nosh(i)

In the meantime, if you are a pointy-headed freak like me, you might be interested in The Noshi Knitting Monograph series. I just ordered Lisa Myers' article on stockinette stitch; other monographs should be coming soon. If you feel the desire to read or write something about knitting that may be a "personal manifesto ... [or] myopic, meditative digression" -- Noshi wants you. Details for purchasing monographs and contributing on the website.

A very special birthday is coming up

The black bunny himself, Charcoal, will be celebrating his first birthday a week from Wednesday. In honor of this superlative bun-bun's birth,

I will be giving away a free Black Bunny tote bag. Anyone who purchases an item from my Etsy shop beginning now until midnight, September 27th, will get their name entered in a random drawing for the bag.


Anonymous said...

Well, if your hand makes you an obsessive, allow me to join you.
I have a green hand (mine seems to have more forearm than yours)that I got years ago at Fish's Eddy in NYC.
It's an old glove mold.
It sits in my kitchen.

Many people find it off-putting.
In fact, the first one I bought was broken in an "accident".
I replaced it damn quick.

Sherry W said...

I love the hand!
The funny thing is the glass heads kind of bug me out for some reason. Perhaps because it's creepy having a see-through head looking at you!

mindy said...

I kinda want one of those hands...
Yea- first day of preschool! I'm glad she's up and running. Kids amaze me with their resiliency (is that a word?).
Happy early birthday to Charcoal- Puff sends lots of parsley-wishes! Purchase by the 27th? Not a problem.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I stumbled across your site using the 6-degrees of separation technique. I had seen your yarn once before, but did not realize you really did have a black bunny! My lovely black bunner is at the top of my webpage too. And of course I will be purchasing something before the drawing.

Diane said...

I'm glad G is on the road to recovery. Love the hand! Quirky and interesting.

Unknown said...

Love the hand...should I talk to it (people are always telling me to)?

I knew both G. and you would be fine...glad to know I was right.

The bunny's brother was at the Garden State Sheep Breeder's festival this past weekend. At least they look like twins.

Anonymous said...

I have that exact same hand; it was one of my first eBay purchases. I prefer to think of owning it as "quirky" rather than "[bordering on] madness."

Happy birthday to Charcoal! And yay! for G's fine recovery! (Clearly I have used up my quota of !s)