Monday, March 31, 2008

Another catch-up

My knitting life seems to consist of deadlines -- whether for design projects or more commonly for a gift that has to be given by a certain occasion -- which create periods of feverishly trying to finish something; and after the deadline is met (more or less) I lapse into stretches of inertia, where I have so many projects I want to work on and yarns I want to knit with that I end up dabbling in a lot and finishing little.

In other words, it's feast or famine.

Today I am mailing out a finished item for my second book. Yes, it's true, I'm finishing up a second book that will be published by Interweave Press either late this year or in early 2009. I am forbidden from telling you all about it just yet. I can tell you it's a multicontributor book, and it's been amazing to see the creativity of many very talented designers who sent in submissions.

Having just finished a period of intense knitting, though, I'm hoping that I don't immediately fall back into inertia. I'm working on the next installment of the BBF Sock Club (I decided to give the members an extra week or so since no one seems to be finished with the last shipments...) but I don't want to lose the ability to focus and finish something when it comes to my knitting. I will promise you, however, that some more No-Bull Book Reviews are in the pipeline and I'm hoping to have one done later this week.

Now I'm off to, um, stare at my unfinished projects and fondle my stash and figure out what to do next.


mindy said...

I hear you- there's that point when I finish the big thing I've been working to finish- then I stare at everything I've put aside while working on the deadline, and feel like I have nothing to knit. Is that "knitter's block"? The good thing is it usually never lasts long. You'll be up and knitting within the hour. (or maybe designing a sweater in a lovely brown...)

being a brat today,

Elizabeth said...

I get that syndrome, too. Finish a big thing and can't focus in on any one thing enough to make it the next big thing. I combat it by trying to stage up the next big project before the current one is done, but that only works about half the time. Maybe it's your brain's way of making you take a deep breath and relax between projects. I do believe that down-time, with very little tangible result is all to the good in some way.

Carol said...

Yea! A new book! Congratulations! I have no excuses for my inertia...

Anonymous said...

I get that way too, except for the finishing a big project part. In other words I'm dabbling in a lot and finishing epsilon ALL THE TIME.

But this isn't about me. Congratulations on the finishing a big project. To me every finished object is a reason for celebration. :)

(Not seeing this the first time, so hopefully it'll go through this time? And ONLY this time.)


Rabbitch said...

A second book? Way cool.