Sunday, May 04, 2008

More Maryland

Wow, there's still so much more to remember about yesterday's Md. Sheep & Wool trip.
First, look at this gorgeous photo of some of Anne Marie's SnB-ers:

Although this photo certainly does suggest that being gorgeous is a prerequisite to membership, I assure you that's not the case, or they'd never let me come! That's Aileen; Ann and Liz of Crossroads Knits ; and Sally of The Frog and the Daisy. I admired Liz's new skirt that she just finished in time for the show.

And I saw this wild skirt from across the midway:

along with Clapotises, lots of lovely lace, and a variety of great sweaters.

I got to meet Swatchy (hi, Knittah! we missed you!):

Swatchy is being held by excellent BBF customer Karen, who was the official Swatchy tour guide.
We briefly watched some of the sheepdog exhibitions:

Then we tried a find a bunny who was cuter than Charcoal; we failed, but these two guys gave it their best:

The prizewinners' exhibit had, in addition to the aforementioned Sweet-N-Low yarn, lots and lots of items that were felted and/or embellished with felted trim

There were several gorgeous pairs of mittens done with stranded work, like these:

and some lovely sweaters, too:

and lots of lace:

We saw the extremely cute Clyde, Courtney and Max's tyke (this baby has the most incredible knitted wardrobe - but what do you expect, with two parents who knit and one of whom runs a yarn shop).

Did I mention there were sheep?

( I tried to slip this guy Dolores' phone number but, alas, he'd been fixed.)

At the end of the afternoon, we stopped for a moment, while Jen tried to figure out what we were forgetting:

Ah yes, a trip to the Socks That Rock booth (after the line was gone).

and this sweet find:

My only regret is that I didn't spend more time with Mindy. (EDITED TO CLARIFY THAT MINDY IS NOT A SHEEP! Gah. Here is her blog. See? Sheep can't blog. Except Dolores, and she's the exception to every rule.)



Knittah said...

Mwah! I'm thrilled that you met Swatchy!

turtlegirl76 said...

I hit The Fold later on too and was thrilled to score some of the Knitters W/O Borders colorway. And several others...

Sally said...

Thanks for the shout-out! *mwah*

Anonymous said...

The skirt you liked is actually a crocheted dress, made in the colors the pattern originally appeared in whatever magazine it was in. I no longer have the mag to check because I gave it to my sister so she could crochet the dress, which she did in (in my biased opinion) much neater colors of purple, green, and yellow. She and my mother also said that the instructions were really crappy, as in whole sections being omitted, which was surely the fault of someone other than the designer. More than you need to know, I know, but I was just so amazed at actually recognizing a pattern from a photo that I had to comment.

Good to hear about the book, too. My husband just asked me if there was anything I wanted to order...

Liz K. said...

That is a great picture of us; we have that MDSW glow!

It was great to see you, as usual.

Anonymous said...

***Although this photo certainly does suggest that being gorgeous is a prerequisite to membership, I assure you that's not the case, or they'd never let me come!*** - hell, if that's the case, I would not have been allowed to even START the group! LOL ;-)

glad my girls had a fun day.

and thanks for snapping a pix of the elusive ann, swatchy green, mindy the sheep, and the o-baa-ma shirt (this last one is too much!).

mindy said...

If you had followed with a picture of an angora goat you may not have had to edit...
I think not seeing enough of you would go down as my biggest regret, too. What a whirlwind- I was barely let out of the booth to pee- and only a teeny bit of shopping Sunday morning.
How many people asked you where Charcoal was?

Carol said...

Sounds like a fun time.

Your book arrived today!!! Bravo! I think it's great. There are even MORE patterns that I want to add to my queue now. Well done!!

Finlay said...

Wow! That looks like a lot of fun! Next time there's a major yarn festival I'll have to try to make time for it. And yes, I'm thinking what you're thinking. :)

Anonymous said...

Must ask-- do you remember who the vendor was of the obaama t-shirt? Googling just got me some hopelessly bad spellers!


Ann said...

It was just lovely to see you even if for a short time! I need to plan a knitting excursion up to see Liz sometime soon to hang out with all her cool knit friends ... you folks are great!

Marin (AntiM) said...

Very nice.

And answering the near-zen koan: "What is the plural of Clapotis?"

cici said...

how did i miss the obama tshirt... Hope I can find it somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

love the obama t shirt- who was the vendor?