Monday, May 12, 2008

Wander on over to Joe's

to read a quickie author interview that he did, wonderful pal that he is, with yours truly. The blog tour will burst into high gear in June; more details soon.

I am currently recovering from the Mother's Day festivities of a trip to see the play Go Dog, Go, which was at the Arden Theatre, followed by a visit to a Japanese restaurant. At the restaurant, I received an unexpected Mother's Day present: Elvis tried no less than 6 new foods (including green tea, fried dumplings, and teriyaki chicken) -- and wonder of wonders, there was no projectile vomiting.


Unknown said...

It's always great getting to interrogate friends...thanks for the opportunity.

I will be interested to read what others want to know.

One piece of feedback...I don't know that I'd call Barack "Barry" in public. It makes Lary uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

Projectile Vomiting is never a good thing. Glad you had a great day!

Anonymous said...

Wander over I did- it was a great interview. Perhaps a new career for Joe?
Yum- Japanese restaurant. Tell Elvis to give me a holler if he wants to go again- I'll take any excuse.

Carol said...

Go Dog Go is a musical? I need to find a production in Boston. And the interview was tres amusant!

Sally said...

Can Elvis come have a sit-down with the Banana? We are still trying to convince her that mashed potatoes and chicken fingers are not the work of Satan.