Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A thing of beauty

I have not participated in too many knitting or fiber-related swaps, but when Ted asked me to be a part of his Fiber-to-Scarf exchange, I was intrigued. I mailed off 8 ounces of fiber to Ted, as did several others; Ted then sent my fiber to some unknown crafter and mailed some unknown crafter's fiber to me. The goal was simple: to spin the fiber into yarn and then knit or crochet it into a scarf. The time frame was long: six months. You were not told whose fiber you were working on, or who was given your fiber, just to make it a little interesting.

Lo and behold, I received a box in the mail last week. Inside was this:

I was speechless.

Ted must truly love me, because he sent my fiber to Katherine. Katherine spun this gorgeous yarn (she even sent two balls of it that she didn't need to complete the scarf) from my BBF fiber (it was an 80% merino/20% silk blend). She then knit it into this gorgeous and huge scarf. The especially observant among you (and the fellow-Avery obsessed) may recognize this as a pattern designed by VĂ©ronik Avery, yes, my Ve-Ve. Talk about fate: Katherine had no idea that the Lace Ribbon Scarf was ultimately meant for me when she knit it!

I will strive to get a photograph of me wearing the scarf and post it, too, but thank you, Katherine! I love it and I am touched at how beautiful it is and how perfect for me. You can see some more photos of the scarf in progress at Katherine's blog here.


Anonymous said...

That is absolutely beautiful! (and I did recognize the pattern- time to get that out of the ravelry queue and onto the needles) Now over to Katherine's blog to see the "making of."

Anonymous said...

And by the way, has yours gone out yet? Can't wait to see those details, too.

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely, elegant scarf. It is also fate for me. I was wavering over whether to knit it with some lovely sock yarn I just got. This confirms it!

Anonymous said...

I have some luminescent blue sky alpaca and silk that I plan on knitting into that scarf. After I'm done rolling around in it. With David Tennant. (Doctor Who and Hamlet. I mean the sci-fi geek and English major in me is all farklempt. Like if I was rich as Bill Gates I would jet off to London. Now.)