Monday, January 26, 2009

A great time was had by all

I had a wonderful afternoon yesterday at Loop. Tom and the kids dropped me off, and then went off

photo by Elvis

for lunch and haircuts (for N. and Elvis).

photo by Elvis

In the meantime, I was left to peruse the yarn

photo by Elvis

photo by Elvis -- Noro -- see? I trained him well

photo by Elvis

I brought some BBF yarn with me, and it was artfully arranged:

photo by Elvis

Then the fun started.

So many great pals showed up! Like Anne Marie from Philly, the leader of Norristown's most kick-ass S-n-B group:

She wore her Dolores shirt in honor of my recent trip to Chicago...

And Linda, who was working on a terrific sock from the book:

and lervely Bridget and Laura:

and Ed, and Jim, and my other Laura (and her beautiful M-I-L) and Aileen and Eileen and Bridget's former boss (God bless Beth, she put up with Bridget for 5 years and lived to tell the tale) and Madame X. (just in case you are on the down low) and JoAnn and Sherry and I'm forgetting the rest! And I made new friends, too. Update: like Elinor! who is a blog-reader and now I got to meet her in person!

The socks from the book arrived and were available for perusal (it was the first time I saw them all together in real life in one spot!)

and then Tom and the kids returned:

N. guarded the lollipops so that nothing untoward happened to them:

and Little Miss was, as always, adorable:

and Craig was charming and a perfect host, too!

Thank you to everyone who came by to say hello and a huge thank-you to Craig and his staff for offering to host me and asking me to bring BBF yarn!

I was feeling the love, just like old times....


Anonymous said...

OMFG, geek alert! geek pix of me!

but a G-R-E-A-T one of you and craig!

let's do it again sometime!

Unknown said...

Great pictures...thank Elvis for us all...was particularly glad you posted a nice picture of Tom.

Never knew what Craig looked like...very cute guy.

Unknown said...

Oh shoot...I hit submit too soon.

Very nice to see a picture of the mysterious Ann Marie from Philly.

Carol said...

I'm not surprised you never saw Anne Marie before -- she's very shy and retiring.....(;

Bridget said...

It was a great day (minus one small thing which I'm sure you know) - and HEY! maybe *I'm* the one who should be admired, for putting up with Beth for 5 years ...

The best was meeting Tom and the kitlets. All of whom are too nice looking to be allowed to roam around the city, btw.

Thanks for the early BD present, too!

And - Anne Marie in PERSON??? The icing on the cake.

Carol said...

Elvis is quite the budding photographer!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic shots by Elvis- great photographer, fantastic taste in yarn- he's gonna go places.

N.'s got his priorities in place- you gotta love that.

Anonymous said...

I had a good time! Yesterday was so excellent-- nice train ride, great walk from 30th to Loop, excellent book signing and yummy treats and good company, another splendid walk back to the train, and a calm and cool ride back to school. Thanks for the book, and the signature, Carol!

Anonymous said...

Oh crap! I was in Philly (from DC) this weekend and didn't make it to Loop this trip. Rats, rats, rats, I didn't know you were going to be there. I still can't find a copy of your new book down here, and I need one now!

Anonymous said...

joe - thanks for the compliment!

carol - yes, I AM very shy and retiring around people whom I don't know AND around famous people. (i know you're thinking "that's hard to believe", but oh so true)

bridget - thanks for the compliment! I have friended you on ravelry; go look see!

(crawling back into her hidey-hole now)

Anonymous said...

Hey Carol, I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it! Love the pics, Elvis is quite talented. Hope I get to see you at one of our meetings with the lervely Anne Marie. ;o)

turtlegirl76 said...

So when are you coming down to Charlotte? Don't make me jealous of Philly!

Anonymous said...

Elvis - he's the "bomb' (as in slang talk). I agree, he's going to go places - but so is the rest of your wonderful family !! What a fantastic trip - glad it happened for you!! Terry

Ali P said...

What a fantastic day you had! Here's to more fantastic days! Cheers.

Unknown said...

What fun! Glad the book tour is still treating you well.

Anonymous said...

You husband and kids - super cute. I've been trying to make something from your book but I can't make up my mind. I get flustered when I read hard instructions - I know I can do it but it messes with my head. If I get started I'll let you know.