Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Breaking news: VéVé's got her own line of yarn!

I just got back from accompanying the first-grade on their field trip to the Liberty Bell and Betsy Ross's house, and am exhausted. However, I'm not too exhausted to be able to tell you this exciting news: VéVé is making yarn!

I've knit with it, and I can tell you: it's GORGEOUS yarn. Springy wool with awesome stitch definition and a beautiful palette:

cute little baby sample skeins

It comes in cute little buns like this:

this color is called Loden

Best of all, it will mean lots of new designs from VéVé! (and the project I was working on recently was for VéVé's line, which is thrilling but also scary, because designing a sweater for VéVé is like painting in oils for Van Gogh, you know?)

I don't want to steal her thunder, so I will finish. For now. Before I sign off, I will tell you that if you are a yarn shop owner, you need to order this yarn. And to lovely VéVé, I send this message:


turtlegirl76 said...

Ooh how exciting!

Carol said...

it looks absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...


Ali P said...

LOL The reveal is on? I was lucky to feel up some of the stash in January or February at a knit night...I forget when now...and its the awesomeness.

Lia said...

Oooh, pretty. Now I can go pester my manager to get some in the store!