Monday, March 29, 2010

Help the knitting industry serve you better

Fill out the trade industry's survey for knitting/crochet customers here.

The survey is anonymous and will not subject you to receive any marketing or promotional stuff. The answers you give will only be reported as part of totals, not individually. If you like, you can also enter into a sweepstakes after filling out the survey for a chance to win one of five $100 gift certificates for a needlework retailer. The survey is also anonymous and won't subject you to spam.

Thank you!


anne marie in philly said...

done and done!

wouldn't it be crazy kewl if I won one of the certificates and could spend it all on BBF? wheeeee!

Bridget said...

I filled one out too, 'cause it seemed like a reasonable survey.

If Anne Marie doesn't win, then I hope I do! ;-)

dianecus said...

Thanks for posting. I took it and paused when asked if I knit down my 2009 stash on my 2009 projects. Um, not really. :)

Amanda said...

I took it also. I had to think on how many hours a week I truly knit (20+) and how much I spent on supplies. Eek. At least I consider it a job, so it balances out. I did mention your blog. Hope that helps you in some way. Thanks for the link!