Tuesday, June 01, 2010

An interesting development

Quince & Co., and for those of you on Facebook, here. A new yarn company with top-notch pattern support... and a drool-worthy yarn called "Puffin" described this way:

We love this plump and chunky single-ply. It's soft and rustic with a misty, matte finish—almost as if the strand had been lightly felted. Can you tell from the photo? Knit Puffin on size 11 needles and you have pliable, warm fabric that would make a great pair of mittens for the dead of winter....

A little birdie told me that Pam Allen is involved in this venture, and since I'm a huge Pam Allen fan, you can bet that I will keep you posted on this. . .The company is set to launch in the next few weeks.

p.s. Happy birthday, VĂ©ronik!!!

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Barb B. said...

So, I had to go and look up your foreign needle size, and I see it's an 8mm. Very interesting! I'm looking forward to the "real thing", it just might be the perfect thing for a project I have in mind, and haven't found suitable yarn for.