Monday, October 18, 2010

Rhinebeck Report: part one

It was a very fun and somewhat mellower-than-years-past trip to Rhinebeck this year. As usual, faithful traveling companions Laura and Jim

Jim at the entrance to the show Saturday

were ready to go midday on Friday. (I have to thank them for planning their work schedules so that they could take Friday off -- it's much easier to do the driving during daylight, especially since I'm a morning person.)

Lovely Laura, shivering Saturday morning

We arrived at our hotel, and they did not raise an eyebrow or make any kinky jokes when Jim checked in with his two attractive sister-wives in tow. No, they merely gave us a room with two double beds, and even had thoughtfully labeled the pillows for us.

(Go on, Joe, I bet you've got something to say about how important firmness is.)

Jim, Laura and I are creatures of tradition, and first stop on Saturday morning was Dorchester Farms, to see Jim's friend Ken.

(I am sure you can understand why, given how handsome Ken is, Laura and I are happy to make his booth our first stop...) After visiting for a bit -- and admiring Ken's weaving and knitting projects -- Laura and I began. We proceeded directly to Mindy, at the Kid Hollow booth:

and Mindy-napped her. All too soon she got a call from Goat Boy, so we followed her to the show ring where she turned into the Goat-Wrangler

and then the Goat-Whisperer:

Meanwhile, Laura and I peppered her friend Melissa with questions about raising goats, showing them, and goat-farming in general. (I won't tell you what they do with rubber bands.)

It would not be a Rhinebeck without looking for men in kilts, and sure enough, here's a specimen with glorious gams:

Why, it's GKIYH Pal, Dr. Mel:

Mel is handsome and charming; his husband David is also handsome and charming; their Red Maple sportswear is teh awesome; and (bestill my heart) I can now assure you that Mel gets his good looks and charming personality from his parents. Yes, I got to meet Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Mel and they were wonderful. (Is it any surprise that Uma Thurman -- yes, UMA effing THURMAN -- purchased multiple pairs of Red Maple socks on Sunday?)

It was a stroke of great luck that I then got hit on the head with a sack of roving (literally) because when I turned around to open me a can of some whup-ass see what was going on, there were crochet goddess Kathy Merrick and silky-voiced Selma of public radio (and grrll band) fame.

Kathy was right near the booth called "Babushka" but I am positive that is just a coincidence. We continued on our merry way, browsing -- although our purchasing was, unfortunately, rather restrained -- and seeing people like Somebunnyslove and her adorable friends:

We scoffed at this sign:

we petted fuzzeh bunnehs

long-lashed alpacas

bebeh goatehs

and couldn't decide which was more adorable, Halo the llama or his cowboy. Please feel free to vote in the poll over at the sidebar on the right if you've got a strong opinion on the matter...

To be continued....


Craig said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm going to get there one day!

Plinio said...

Hey Carol, it was great to meet you on Thursday at the diner. I'll definitely be on the look out for your next batch of awesome colorful yarns.
I'll be at Vogue knitting live so hopefully will see you there :-)
Btw, I voted for the cowboy and he's losing. But hopefully it'll turn around ;-)


anne marie in philly said...

thanks for sharing, dear! jim and laura and mindy and kathy all look great...and dr. mel (swoons)!

Carol said...

Sorry I missed you & Mindy this year. Can't believe Uma Thurman was at Rhinebeck!

Ali P said...

Ok...not only did I totally miss out on hooking up with my knitting darlings but UMA THURMAN?? That woulda been a hoot. Could you imagine US running into her? She'd be running for her life or more likely wishing she was awesome like you guys.
I'm so sad.

Barb Kish, chief fiber executive said...

Carol, remember that my mom took a picture of you, Mindy and me? And how you said, "Take another, I made a face?" Or something like that?

Heh. What a face it is...the question is, do I send it to you, or do I blackmail you with it and threaten to post it on my blog? evil laugh, evil laugh

She did take another, and the second is very good. I'll send you both. I wish I'd caught up with you two again!