Friday, December 31, 2010

Sad news: Rest in peace, Bev Galeskas

I just heard the sad news that Bev Galeskas, founder of Fiber Trends, died yesterday, about a year after being diagnosed with cancer. Bev was one of the first true "indie" designers; she founded her pattern company before the Internet brought indie designers into the mainstream, at a time when yarn companies and magazines dominated the field of knitting design. I find it hard to imagine that there could be many gung-ho knitters out there who have never made a Fiber Trends pattern, like the baby/toddler fruit & vegetable caps

the adorable stuffed animals, like these felted lllamas

or the many clever felting patterns Bev designed.

Fiber Trends also published many beautiful lace patterns (notably those by Evelyn Clark and Eugen Beuler), bringing those lovely designs to knitters all over the world. All of these and more are available on the Fiber Trends website here, and no doubt at the vest majority of yarn shops in the US.

Bev also wrote one of the best books on felting, Felted Knits:

I only had the pleasure of meeting Bev once, but I enjoyed that meeting greatly. My sympathies to all who knew and loved her. The knitting world will miss you, Bev.


Michelle said...

Thank you for this thoughtful post about Bev Galeskas. I too only met her a few times, but was impressed by her vitality and energy, her vision, and her warmth. She will be missed.

Fredda said...

What a beautiful tribute. I only met Bev once (at TNNA)... she was multi-tasking and smiling throughout.

Bridget said...

So very sad to hear this news. I have made and enjoyed so many of her patterns. I think there is a special place in heaven for people who bring happiness to those they never knew.

laura gayle said...

Thank you for your post -- I shared the link on Facebook. Bev changed so much for many of us in knitting! She will be missed, but certainly not forgotten.

Anonymous said...

I meet Bev many years ago at the NW market. Then the next time I saw her she remember my name and my shop. she made me feel very special. She was a special laday and a great designer. May her pattern live on for all the new and seasoned knitter. You will be missed Bev.