Sunday, January 22, 2012

What a difference a year makes

A year ago, a little girl was born prematurely. Her mom had a nightmarish pregnancy with many complications. Her mom even had a difficult time during the emergency C-section (and we're very thankful she is okay today). We were so grateful when both Lily and her mom made it home from the hospital, and I am thrilled to report that today we attended Lily's first birthday party.  It should not come as a surprise that such a darling little girl was given a tiara to wear

and although she looks a little skeptical in the above photo, she quickly warmed up to all the guests.

Lily is now a smart, healthy and gorgeous little girl.  Indeed, she proved she was related to me by immediately recognizing the inherent goodness of cake.

About a year ago, I started knitting premie caps for Lily; this January, I made her a quilt I knew she could romp on.

 Lots of bright colors for a bright girl.

(Thanks to Boy Twin, my quilt holder....)

What a difference a year makes.  Happy birthday, Lily!  We're delighted to have you as part of our family, and we hope to celebrate a hundred or more years of birthdays with you.


Anonymous said...

Awww, she's a beauty. I hope Lily has many more birthdays ahead of her.

Katinka said...

Love the quilt! I still have one that my grandma made for me, 35-ish years ago - I cherish it.

Laura said...

i went to a bday party for a lil girl who was told she wouldn't make it to it. isn't it the best feeling ever to see such a little one beat the odds??

gorgeous quilt!!