Saturday, March 17, 2012

Squeaking it in

In the very nick of time, Happy National Quilting Day!  Just finished is a throw for Little Miss:

I did simple brick-shaped blocks, using a bunch of Hello Kitty fabrics that I bought on-line, and mixing in some solids and one or two other pink prints.  I started this a while back, and did some really simple straight line quilting with the machine since Little Miss was bugging me about it  eagerly inquiring when it would be done.

I bound the edges with bright pink solid edging

and used a very cute peace-sign-themed print for the back.

Once again, my trusty quilt-holder has risen to the challenge.

In other news, I have been working to match up prize donors with prize winners in the Summer Search raffle. There are still one or two connections to be made; I got a little behind with a nasty cold earlier in the month. But never fear: all prizes will be awarded!  I attended a Summer Search event earlier in the week, and they were extremely impressed with the enthusiasm and generosity of the knitting community. I'm thinking about doing a fall event in which we knit warm things for the Summer Search kids who will be starting their freshman years at college this fall. Would any of you be up for knitting some simple items, like hats, mittens, wristwarmers or cowls for some Summer Search college students?

I also uploaded a batch of BFL Sock onto the BBF website and I couldn't resist some Downton Abbey-themed names, like Wrong Sort of Tweed

and Lady Edith

and a few extra skeins of CashSock, like Mrs. Hughes

You'll find all of these on the BBF site, and if you use the code "DOWNTON" you will get 15 percent off an order of $25 or more in merchandise. And if you like to see and touch your yarn before purchasing, don't forget that I'll be doing a trunk show at Loop Yarn next weekend, March 24-25, in conjunction with Melissa Morgan-Oakes' teaching two-at-a-time classes there! (P.S. A little bird told me that not only is Denyse Schmidt there this weekend (!), but there is also a sale on KOIGU going on right now.)

I've got some excellent books to review in coming weeks, so don't think that just because warmer weather is here in the northeast US that it's time to lose interest in knitting.  No, sir, there are some great books coming up with plenty of small projects perfect for spring and summer knitting.  Stay tuned!


Evelyn said...

Your Downton Abbey names are perfect ... especially Lady Edith!

willyg said...

I have only very recently been introduced to Downton Abbey, so I was delighted to see your colorways when I stopped by your shop last week. Can't wait till the trunk show!