Thursday, June 14, 2012

First look: Noro Magazine

I'm a big fan of Noro yarns. Yes, I know that they are softly spun, sometimes have knots, the colors don't always flow perfectly and if you yank too hard, they might break.  So what. I adore the colors, the natural fibers, the way that the colors sometimes ply a little bit around each other when they change from one segment to another, and I enjoy the rustic feel of the yarn.  So I was very excited to see that our friends at Vogue Knitting were producing a magazine devoted to Noro patterns. Noro Knitting Magazine arrived in stores and LYSs recently, so let's take a first look.

The magazine begins with a wonderful article by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton, who has been a Noro fan for many years and who has written several books featuring Noro yarns.  Hamilton gives some fascinating background about the founder of Noro yarns, Eisaku Noro; how the company was founded; and how the yarn is made. One-page features highlight 2012 Noro yarns; books devoted to Noro design; and resources for Noro on the web. There's a special feature on the Lizard Ridge afghan and tea cozy designer Loani Prior's creations.

Next are the patterns, 35 fabulous, colorful patterns.  In the story "Konnichi Wa," you'll find smaller pieces, such as the cover design, a textured hat by Holli Yoeh:

Katharine Hunt's mobius

my checkerboard hat (!)

and elegant socks by Christina Behnke.

The second story is texture, including Therese Chynoweth's lovely lace cardigan;

Cheryl Murray's subtle yoked pullover

and Daniela Ni's tunic with textured edging.

Vintage Modern is the title of the next story, with an absolutely stunning red dress by Carolyn Noyes knit in one shade of Kureyon with a solid color Debbie Bliss yarn.


Two skirts in more muted colorways are lovely, like this one byYoko Hatta:

and there is a long cardigan that showcases the repeating colors of Noro by Mari Tobita.

There are several shorter stories, too, including a men's story (I like this sweater by Kenny Chun)

a feature devoted to Noro Karuta, a new yarn with more monochrome-ish colorways (which, coincidentally, is on sale for a limited time only at Loop -- go here):

Wilma Peers design

two striking pieces making use of stripes;

Irina Poludnenko design

Galina Carroll design

home designs, like this throw

Erica Schlueter design

felted bowls

and a tote (both by Jacquiline van Dillen).

A variety of yarn weights are used, from yarn categories 1 (fingering) to 5 (chunky); sizing is generous, with most patterns going into the high 40s or low 50s-inch finished circumferences; and there are color photos, charts and schematics to make your knitting easier.

I do love Noro so for me, picking up a copy of this magazine was a no-brainer. (I even found it at Wegman's!). Lots of luscious patterns and inspiration, at the bargain price of $7.99.

Photos by Paul Amato for


Wendy said...

I love it, too! Noro rocks!

Kelly said...

I have a love/ hate relationship with Noro, but your hat is adorable and I love that red dress, even though it wouldn't be flattering on my figure. I'll have to pick this up when I see it.