Friday, August 11, 2006


Okay, all outages are over (for the time being) and I'm back now.

Don't miss me too much

The annual beach vacation is coming up, so I won't be posting that much, at least not that I can tell, starting this weekend. I'll try to check in depending on whether we have internet access, and how good a connection we can get, but if you email me and don't hear back, rest assured I'm not ignoring you but simply taking some R&R. Also, Black Bunny orders will not ship again until August 22nd.

Knitting (finally!)

I spent Monday sitting through a painfully dull videotaped course to keep my law license current. Each year, attorneys in Pennsylvania are required to log twelve hours of "continuing legal education" credit. Personally, I think the most pronounced effect of this rule is to create a burgeoning market for people who make money putting on these seminars, and that conscientious lawyers will stay on top of developments in their area of expertise regardless of whether it's required or not. However, it is not for me to question the wisdom of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, so six hours of videos on how to try a medical malpractice case, of all things, were mine to sit through. About the only thing I took away from the seminar was a visceral dislike of the old fart who, when discussing jury selection, informed us smugly that if we represent a plaintiff who happens to be an attractive younger female (heh, heh), we should get rid of all jurors who are "older women," because they will undoubtedly be jealous of the young attractive plaintiff, and be unable to judge the case on the merits, and will find against her out of spite. I surfaced from my Elinor Lipman novel just long enough to write a blistering critique of the jury selection moderator on my feedback form, then returned to my knitting.

The pink baby sweater is nearly done:

Rowan Summer Tweed, pattern from Erika Knight's Knitting for Two. I also finished one baby bootee and half a baby hat, knit in Artful Yarns Candy (love that lycra on the crippled hands!) for the new baby born to someone in my husband's office. I'm going to take some sock yarn with me on vacation, since I'll probably be too distracted to work on anything particularly complex.

Down the shore

We're off to the beach, or "going down the shore" as we say in Philly.

See you in a week!


Anonymous said...

Oh my oh my.
Those fabulous young ones.
You could just absorb them, they're so very cute.

Bonnes vacances, petite!
I feel the need to amend something-
it's actually more like "dannashoure", isn't it?

Carol said...

I stand corrected by the glorious Kath. I will miss you, malutka.

Valerie said...

I absolutely agree with you on the CLEs. For the first and second years of admission in New York, attorneys must attend 16 hours of live courses. It's pure torture.

Enjoy the vacation!

Anonymous said...

Have fun! Oh, and...don't forget your bathing suit. Ask me how I know....

Elizabeth said...

Watch out for jellyfish! I spend a summer in Stone Harbor once and it was unswimmable from mid-July to late August. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Have fun, relax, play hard, and knit much!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful vacation! Bring back lots of memories.

Anonymous said...

Pah! I'll see your measly 6 hours a year and raise you to 120 hours every 3 years, minimum 20 hours/year. I'm a CPA -- it's hard to believe that accounting changes faster than law, but who knows how these rules get set. Just don't let your license lapse. I did that, result of being laid off and thinking, Oh, I'll probably never work in accounting again, I'll just drift into retirement. Wrong. Last year when I went back to work I had to make up the entire 120 hours to reinstate my license; most of it was on-line courses. Bleah.

Have a great time on the shore!

Charity said...

Have a wonderful trip! Love the baby sweater, and your kiddies are too lovely :0)

the hanged man said...

Have a great time at the beach!

Hannah said...

Hope you enjoy the beach. What a great baby sweater!