Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Holiday gift idea?

While browsing through the four thousand holiday-themed catalogs that were delivered by our mail man in the past month, I flipped through one with the subtitle "Creative Educational Products." Imagine my surprise when I came upon this:

For your convenience, here's what it says:

Got Gas? What A Blast! Ewww! There's nothing Gassy Gus won't eat, from baked beans to broccoli. Feed him a food card, pump his head and his stomach swells . . . but watch out -- the bigger his belly gets, the more chance Gus will blast gas, and that's a penalty! The first to feed him all the food cards without an "explosion" wins!
Now I briefly considered getting this for my brother for Christmas -- if there's one thing that my family of origin loves, it's flatulence -- but tell me, readers, do the children of American really need a thirty-dollar toy to teach them .... um, that farts are bad?


Carol said...

Any chance it was made in China?

no-blog-rachel said...

Ok, that is hilarious and apparently I am 8.

j. said...

So... what that's doing is teaching the kids not to eat legumes or broccoli?

Who made this, some candy bar company?

(Hey, your comment thingy changed, I can no longer leave a non-Google/Blogger URL.)

anne marie in philly said...

as long as it doesn't smell (them that smelt it, dealt it).

but you are correct, what kid needs this? AND at $30 no less!?!

creative? educational? hoo boy! in what alternative universe is this company residing?

PS - my word is "buxzpp" - sounds like a fart to me!

Kathy Merrick said...

Oh, honey, once again I say, get your head out of the gutter.
Though I know several English (and Welsh) folk who
would find that just the bee's knees for Christmas Day family fun.

=Tamar said...

Maybe it's to teach them to count to five?

Bridget said...

Geez. I could just loan any kid my husband for half an hour for free ...