Thursday, August 21, 2008

I thought I saw

my dear friend Kathy Merrick today in downtown Cape May

but I was mistaken.

(Hey, Kath, are we going to see any more of your beauteous cro-shay designs in Interweave Crochet this fall, I hope?)


Anonymous said...

Hang on, I heard that.
Too easy for your usual standard, Caro.

Carol said...

Are these the 'when I am old I shall wear purple' brigade? Bless their hearts. I want to be just like them.

Carol said...

When I am old
I shall not care what other people think whilst
wearing whatever color I damn well please
But in particular
I shall stick to
colors that do not make me look pasty like purple and red.

--- Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Oh boy.
I heart CJS.
Big time.

cici said...

amen to the "when I am old"!!

Anonymous said...

When I am old and retired, I shall go back to dying my hair bright, unnatural colors. It will be great; with white hair, I won't have to pre-bleach!

Anonymous said...

When I am old, I shall wander around buck naked--because I can get away with it. Or I might wear a red watch cap and baby blue mens' speedo.