Sunday, October 05, 2008

I was supposed to be caught up by now

The end of the summer was a bit frantic. Lots of family stress, no set schedule for the kids, vacation, and deadlines for some spring projects. I convinced myself that once the kids went back to school, I'd catch up. Well, the kids have been back at school for nearly a month and guess what? I'm still not caught up.

My house is filled with these:

Somehow I managed to be the collection point for the hats and scarves that Ravelry Obama supporters knit for homeless veterans. This week's big project is sorting and counting, so that I can divide them up and mail them to the people who will deliver them to the homeless shelters in their states. Charcoal has been enjoying the collection process, though; he's gotten dibs on the extra bunny-sized boxes. (I think someone needs boxhab, no?)

I am woefully behind on my sock/fiber/yarn clubs, and about a thousand other projects on my to-do list. I've been hoping to keep the BBF website better stocked, and in that regard, I did make progress; yesterday I uploaded lots of superwash merino sock yarn and some great rovings (merino/silk blend and some silky 100% Wensleydale):

So I guess I better load up on coffee and get those dyepots cranking. When I'm ready to scream with frustration, I remind myself: t's only 2 weeks to Rhinebeck.


Anonymous said...

Yay for Rhinebeck! And don't worry, when I rule the world, there will be extra hours built into the day just for knitting and other fibery stuff.

Puff and The Weebit want some of Charcoal's boxes.

Anonymous said...

If I didn't know better, I'd have thought Charcoal was a schnauzer from that photograph!

Anonymous said...

Phhht. I thought I would have my afghan for the vets finished by now, guess I'd better get crackin'.
As a bright spot, my daughter who will turn 18 in November is quite distraught that she will not be able to vote this year. Guess I did do something right...

Unknown said...

Love the new stuff on the site...those sock flats look more and more appealing each time I see them.

Unknown said...

I'm with Brother Joe! As soon as I stop being so damned broke, I'm getting me some sock flats. Of course, if you bring some to Rhinebeck, hint hint, I'd be happy to check out your trunk booth.