Tuesday, October 21, 2008

President of the Lucky Club

Beneath my wisecracking, opinionated, profanity-laced, sarcastic mouth lurks a tender and loving heart. So it is completely without irony that I tell you that pretty much every day I feel like the president of The Lucky Club to have so many dear and wonderful friends in my life. This was made even clearer to me over the weekend.

My traveling companions, Jim, Laura and Franklin, are three of the most fun and amazing folks you'd ever want to meet.

(Geez, I must be in a good mood; when was the last time I actually posted a photo of myself?)

It felt luxurious to have driven up Friday night so that we could begin Saturday at a more normal hour (as opposed to getting up at 4 a.m. and drive), so after a lovely breakfast (ahem, at which M. Habit was frequently accosted by fellow diners/rabid fans) we arrived at the gates just as they opened.

This year, I felt that I didn't see that much of the show, but who cares? Instead I saw a lot of my friends. Like newlyweds Mel and David:

And talk about "when worlds collide": the Knitting Curmudgeon collides with Ve-Ve:

This is a very handsome new friend I made (I think it's Alan, please God, let it be Alan):

I got several hugs (and wisecracks) from Joe, who quite simply is just too handsome for his own good:

and also Lars and Ted (wait 'til I get to Ted!!! but that's a whole entry of its own):

and I even got (joy of joys) to meet Franklin's family:

including this adorable tot, who is clearly a future warshcloth knitter, as my ball of Sugar-n-Creme entertained her for hours:

I also got to spend time with Mindy, but for some reason I forgot to take out my camera at dinner Saturday night and take her photo, as well as some of the other hilarious dinnertime companions at our table...

So it's pretty easy to see why I don't have tons of photos of sheep, or yarn, or spinning wheels, or punkin-chuckin'. I can see all of that next time. But having friends like this? Priceless.


Alwen said...

:is jealous:

(Rhinebeck is just too far. And our fiber festival is in - fan me! - August.)

Carol said...

Can I get an amen!

JelliDonut said...

A weekend made in heaven--surrounded by knitting friends and yarn. I am so jealous! Glad you had a great time. I hope to attend one of these years.

Norskybear said...

God! I look like George W. Bush with a beard! I must be getting older...

Always a pleasure seeing you.


Unknown said...

Rhinebeck looks like it was fantastic for everyone. I'm glad you had a nice trip!

Franklin said...

What can I say? I love you with a capital L-O-V-E.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's Alan in the picture. Do you have any photos of his classy kilt ensemble? Always a pleasure to see you and we'll talk about the custom Eagles dye job in the near future.

Ali P said...

Darn it! I knew I remembered Veronik saying "This is my friend Carol..." but I was such a distracted dolt I'm wondering...did I actually manage a "hello"? Forgive my duh-ness. Too much wooly goodness!
This was my first Rhinebeck and I was enthralled.
And YES you are the luckiest of lucky ducks to have such great friends! But I bet charm has a lot to do with it too. ;oD

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is Alan. And thanks for the compliment. It was lovely to meet you too, Carol. This Canadian was a Rhinebeck virgin, and you helped to show him a good time. :-)