Sunday, May 03, 2009

Maryland Sheep & Wool report

When I first started going to fiber festivals, it was all about the yarn. Seeing the vendors, finding yarns and colors that weren't available in my LYS, discovering farms that sold their own yarn in tiny batches: it was addictive and dizzying. I returned home with large, Santa-like sacks full of goodies that would keep me entertained for months.

Nowadays, I find it's about the people instead. I've become a little jaded; having seen many vendors before and already tried some of their wares, I've lost that kid-in-a-candy-store mentality. I'm a bit choosier about purchasing and I tend to focus on things that aren't readily available, even on the internet.

Even better, having developed friendships with people on-line and through knitting groups and at knitting shops, I've found that connecting with these people in person, even if it is just a quick hug and photo op, is more exciting and fulfilling for me. So here are some of the people I saw during my fab day at Maryland.

Here are my passengers, Laura, Jim and Jen:

Our rolling caravan of knitting malcontents made the trip go fast with witty repartee and funny stories.

Here we arrive at the front gate, with drizzly, damp weather to start the day:

Now, Laura, her lovely sister Sasha and Jen begin to plan the attack:

(You've got to watch that Jen; she'd cut a bitch for yarn.)

I began by purchasing some fleeces; they'll be processed into roving that I will dye and put up on the BBF site (or use for the fiber clubs) sometime late in the summer, after they are processed. Then it was off to hug Mindy:

God, I look crazed in that picture. I'm sure it has to do with the classy T-shirt I was wearing (available at The Pantopticon's CafePress store).

From then on, it was the pleasure of seeing so many old and new knitting friends, including:

Robin and Laura


Mar & Ger

Kris (a blogstalker of mine)

Sasha, Laura, Jen & Allison

MamaE on the left, along with LSGers

Jen & Courtney

More LSGers, including Eudyptyla, PoorLuci & me

KnittyD and MamaD

Bill and Jim


I also got to see some of the kniterati, including Amy Singer, I stalked the Rav-posse

and I met Ysolda Teague:

Although the weather was a little rainy in the earlier part of the day, by the time we left, the sun had broken through the clouds, our bags had some fibrous goodies in them, and we were happy to have spent time with the sheep and our fellow knitters and spinners and crocheters.

More photos tomorrow...


Aponia said...

I would totally cut a bitch for yarn! Thank you a million times over for making my day full of laughs and swear words!

Thea said...

looks like fun! And I love the tee shirt. Am not yet jaded since I've only been to one fair in my knitting life - but am hoping to see some blog "friends" next week in NH. (much much smaller festival)

Kathy Merrick said...

Oh, I'm so jealous of your meeting Isolda Teague! I am a big fan.
And Turtlegirl. Did you tell Kristi how much I like her too?

turtlegirl76 said...

Carol it was so great seeing you again! I absolutely agree that really, it's more about the people for me now. But hey, the yarn ain't too shabby either.

And Kathy, someday, I want to meet you too!

Bridget said...

Sounds like fun! And at least the weather was better than it was today ...

(BTW, at Eastern State, they learned to weave, but never to knit. Just thought you might be interested to know that.)

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful seeing you- and its always, always too short!

I don't bring home nearly the amount of stuff I used to- you're right, its all the stuff you just don't see anywhere- though after spending all that time w/ Kid Hollow's stuff, some of that always manages to find a new home with me...

Now, when's my next BBF shipment????

Knit Witch said...

What great pictures!!!!

Jennifer said...

Squee! Love your photos, thanks for sharing them with us! I'd love to go someday, but in the meantime I felt like I got to go. Such fun!