Thursday, May 07, 2009

Meet me in Swarthmore, PA!

Save the date: on Sunday, May 17th, I'll be doing a booksigning at Finely A Knitting Party, in Swarthmore, from 1 to 3 p.m. The owner, Cathy, is full of energy and enthusiasm and promises lots of fun! She also has a lovely shop in charming downtown Swarthmore, so please stop by and say hello if you can.

And speaking of Swarthmore, my friend Laura (not Knit-So-Fine Laura, this is a different Laura), who lives in Swarthmore, turned me on to a great blog, called The Well-Read Hostess. I am still cracking up over this post.


well read hostess said...

Thanks for the linky love!

Bridget said...

I hope you don't have another friend named Bridget. If you do, she's probably not as much fun.

rosesmama said...

I remember the white bus! Mostly when I have to take the "maids and gardeners bus" here, which is really quite solemn.

My brother lives in Swarthmore, and my impulse is to come on the 17th, but the damn First Day school play practice is interfering again in my fiber adventures.