Thursday, June 11, 2009

Off to TNNA

Sorry so quiet this week -- lots to do before I leave for the big trade show (or as my family calls it, "the Yarn Convention") in Columbus. If you're there and see me, say hi. I'll be taking notes on all the goodies that will be appearing in yarn stores near you this fall -- and I'll try to collect some funny anecdotes and juicy gossip, too.

If you hear a very loud wailing sound, that is probably Miss Thing realizing that I am going to be in Columbus instead of at her ballet recital on Saturday. (She's right: I don't know how to love....) Rest assured that a large arrangement of very pink flowers along with groveling apologies will be delivered to her on Saturday. Sigh. (Why, yes, I do feel guilty, thank you for reminding me.)


melissa said...

that's funny. when i try to explain tnna to friends, family and coworkers, i always just say it's a yarn convention. i'm headed there tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Yep, and herein lies the conflict. As a busy/working mom myself a few decades ago...I missed some things. I sense that you too have a good dad in the picture.

My grown daughters still love me, laugh about trying to "explain" some "girl" things to their dad and are none the worse, if fact, maybe at bit better??

I know the guilty feeling but having gone through that, it's OK, and so are you and so will be Miss Thing.

Enjoy TNNA...was there last year, not this year. I'll miss it.

Quilting Mama said...

Enjoy TNNA - Ms Thing will give you grief but will grow also.

We use the line, "not everone can be at everything so this is special time with 'fill in adult title'." It doesn't make perfect but special time is better then I won't be there.

We'll just be driving through Columbus. Mom and I can't inflict that much onto the men and kiddies.

me said...

Enjoy your time - Miss Thing will'll have fun hearing all about it when you return...