Friday, August 14, 2009

Show and tell

I have some pretty amazing customers, so today I'm going to do a little show and tell on their behalf. My good customer Angela has to be the most faithful knitter to ever join a sock club. I swear, a week after I've mailed out her sock club's shipment, she posts a photo of an absolutely gorgeous finished pair of socks made in the yarn. The most recent sock yarn I sent to Angela was in the form of sock flats -- in her case, rainbow-striped ones. Here are her finished socks:

Aren't they gorgeous? She doesn't have a blog, though, so you can kvell in the comments.

Another longtime customer, Aubrey, has her own website where she sells soaps, lip and body balm, and other goodies -- all handmade. Look what came the other day:

These soaps smell heavenly, and I also got some peppermint lip balm and some other goodies. Aubrey's website is called, appropriately enough, Goodies Unlimited, so if you're looking to treat yourself or for a nice gift to send someone, I highly recommend checking it out.

Last post I mentioned that I had been enticed by the sweet-talking Craig of Loop to bring home some of the new Spud & Chloe yarns that I first saw at TNNA. In a remarkable feat of self-control, I limited myself to one skein of "Outer," in the color "Sequoia," so I could swatch and play with it:

but my self-control didn't last, as I snapped up some Fine fingering weight to make the Trifecta Scarf:

Over at Spool, I couldn't resist these hilarious retro-robotic prints, with rayguns (!) and gears (although I prefer to think of them as "shprockets"):

The lighting in the photo is bit off, but they are very bright and fun. I got some other fabric from Westminster Fibers but since it's for a gift for someone, I won't post those yet.

And rounding out this post full of pretty things, behold the Concord grape:

In our last fruit- and vegetable-picking session, we decided to try the Concord grapes, which were amazingly beautiful. The kids were fascinated by the way that we had to go under curtains of vines and then found clusters looking so perfect that they seemed fake. I made a grape pie, but not having made one in years (20 years?) it was a bit tart.

I am off to the beach for week two so posting will be intermittent, and if you're trying to reach me via email, I will be checking in frequently but may be too relaxed too respond 'til I get back....


Anonymous said...

LOVE those socks! And homemade soaps? Sounds like Stress Free Green Tea may be just the thing...

I've never had a grape pie- is there a recipe you'd like to share???

Kathleen Dames said...

Those grapes are gorgeous - they don't look real.

anne marie in philly said...

I feel an order going out to goodies unlimited soon...

have a good week at the beach!

Bridget said...

What an aesthetically lovely post!

Enjoy your next week of vacation!

Beeba said...

Wow I have never seen such perfectly rainbow dyed yarn! Where can I get some?