Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bad bad Irene

Okay, maybe I did call Irene a "moistened bint" and also threaten that if she were a real woman I'd kick her in the taint. And maybe I did mutter some words unmentionable in polite company in reference to the local power company. You see, after being evacuated from Cape May rather abruptly on Thursday night, a long and stormy drive home, and a weekend full of wind and rain, we lost power. After the storm was over, when a neighbor's tree came down.

That was Sunday afternoon, and we're still out of power. Now I am fully aware of how very, very lucky we are. Everyone is safe. Our house is fine. All we lost were 2 days of vacation time and a fridge half-full of frostbitten food. My heart goes out to all the folks who are truly suffering as a result of Irene. (And as someone whose family lost everything they owned in 1972 after being evacuated at 3 a.m. for Hurricane Agnes, I have a sense for what that means.)

With no power, three rammy kids and school not starting 'til next week, it was time for desperate measures. Yes, my friends, we fled to Nana's.

The land of Chuck E. Cheese, a working freezer full of Fudgsicles and an 80-yr-old woman with WIFI. Ladies and gentlemen, my mother rocks.

Back in rare form as soon as I'm able....


Anonymous said...

Yay for Nana!!

Sharripie said...

Glad to hear you're all safe. Too bad you couldn't have had a cookout with all the stuff in your freezer!

Bonnie said...

She rocks, for sure!

Hope you get your power back soon.

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Nana, we salute you!