Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Impressions of Stitches East: A collection of haiku

To a Coffee Faucet

Silver-man’ed fox
You made a trip to the loo
Sound mucho sexy.

Lunch in Baltimore

Long lines snake around
For grease, fried foods, and hot dogs
Have you no green veg?

I Don’t Mean Mably

Those mischievous eyes
Your British accent slays me
Charm personified

For the Baltimore City Planners

You built a large hall
But where, dear God, tell me where
Is all the parking?

Little Ricky Stitches
Dragon applique?
I'm sure I saw the same jeans
At T-N-N-A.

Tricky Tricot

Blogger Man with Balls
Have you only been knitting
A measly five years?

Fashions (with apologies to L.M.)

Scarves, ponchos, fun fur
A profound sufficiency.
Please learn to fair isle.


Anonymous said...

Carol - these are clever and so on target! Sorry I missed you at the booth on Friday.

Carol said...

I see I really missed alot. Awesome writing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,

Loved them all -- especially the last one! Very good.

Your new friend,

Carol said...

My new breakdancing revivalist friend? Oooh, I hope so!

muchos besos, bebe.

Wendy said...

What, no ode to Knitters??

Tee hee.


mindy said...

Wendy beat me to it, so I guess I'll snicker instead. Once again, you're spot on.

Unknown said...

Heh. Where's the pix to illustrate the haiku? Me wants photos! Especially of Dragon Boy's jeans.

Carol said...

They were hard-ass on the photogs this year. I'm gonna blog about it but a podcaster I know had her equipment confiscated and the X-men's goons were awfully cranky about it. They said she needed "press credentials."

Anonymous said...

Malutka, I love you even more than my children.

Christa said...

LOL, I especially like the one to Baltimore City Planners.. you made me feel so much better about having so much trouble, lol!

Anonymous said...

yes, indeedy, Carol, it is me! Forwarded the link on the haikus over to Brando.

Nice of you to remember my fondness for breakdancing.

take care,