Monday, May 26, 2008

Wherein I discover a new setting on my camera

The "Fireworks" one:

Happy Memorial Day to all from the photogenic Hopcyns:

On a more serious note, I send heartfelt thanks to all of the men and women who have sacrificed for our country through service in the armed forces -- and I thank their families too.


Anonymous said...

Well said.

And very nice pictures.

Bridget said...

Those fireworks pictures are really cool!

And I love the doggie, I wish I could give him a pat.

I sure hope that someday we won't be creating more war veterans. Having said that, I am glad those who have gone before were willing to do what they did, even if most of the time I seem to be ungrateful ...

Unknown said...

Even Bush sounded coherent when he spoke at the tomb of the unknown soldier.

I'll have to look for that setting on my camera.

Carol said...

although he did use the word "awesome" (eyeroll).

the hanged man said...

Great photos, and "hear hear" to your Memorial Day thanks.