Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A couple more links

Our week of handpainted sock joy comes to an end, with two more posts about KSWHY:
  • our hat trick designer, Kristi Schueler, tells us about her third (3rd!) design in the book, the extremely cool Spread Spectrum socks;
  • Barb Brown has a special interview with me (Barb, I'd happily come to see you if I didn't hate airplanes like poison).


Anonymous said...

Road trip? (when her roads are clear, that is)

Anonymous said...

You're both nuts. Minus 35 degrees is so damn cold your earlobes freeze in no time flat, and you sure don't want to be taking any deep breaths.

Now, if you came in the summer we could sit on the deck and spin, so some nature dyeing, go out for a cruise on the lake....