Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More designer links -- and a post on Knitting Daily!

For some more behind-the-scenes information from the designers, visit:
  • Laura Nelkin, as she talks about her beaded Whirlpool Socks;
  • Kristi Schueler's blog, to hear more about the Austen-esque Longbourn socks;
  • Deb Barnhill tells us about her lovely Potpourri Socks on her blog.
If you aren't totally sick of me by now, you can check out my post on today's Knitting Daily. (A huge thanks to Sandi Wiseheart, for allowing me to guest post!) (Also, I do know that there is a typo in the first sentence and it should say "twelve" rather than "ten." We're working on it.)

And I'm thrilled to report that as of this writing, Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn is Number One on's Knitting Books AND Needlework Books lists!


Carol said...

Well done on being number one!!! The book is terrific. I keep paging through it trying to decide what to cast on first and with what yarn. The blog posts from the designers have been great!

Anonymous said...

Well done, you! I'm looking forward to getting the book. We'll see if the elves come through on the 25th or the husband on the 27th (wedding anniversary) or if I need to be schlepping down to the bookstore on the 28th. I can schlep if need be.

Anonymous said...

Must do the book tour and hit the West Coast, Sf to be exact :) Big congrats to a very deserving fibery artist! But please don't sit down too long - you know your fans need their fibery goodness. ps- I cna't believe you never yet knit socks for the hubby? Nah! Terry

Anonymous said...

check it out - she does a review of your book!

may you and your family have a peaceful holiday season! charcoal too!